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Different Kinds Of Kitchen Tap Melbourne For Your House 


Fixing the tap in the kitchen is essential as it will bring you a direct water connection. This place will require more water for cooking, vessel washing, cleaning, and various purposes. The kitchen tap Melbourne helps to control the water flow and save your time. Because the technology has grown, you can find it in various modern designs that update your kitchen. Nowadays you get to find a great alternative for the traditional screw taps. The advanced options come with the assortments such as infrared, batteries, and electrical. It is also available with various materials that last for long days and are easy to clean. Planned to buy the taps for kitchen tape? Refer below to know the different types of kitchen faucets.

Pillar Tap

Pillar tap is one of the traditional types which is usually mounted on the basin. It has the feature of separate taps for cold and hot water. You can personalize the handle based on your linking. It is worked by having a nylon or rubber washer on a threaded pillar inside the tap body. When you close the faucet, the washer would sit on the water supply pipe top side. The entire pillar is unscrewed and rises with a washer. It will lead the water to pass into the spout. You can prefer this pillar tap design for the kitchen and even the bathroom. It is made of copper, virgin brass ingots, and plating.

Sensor Tap

Design your kitchen with the automatically designed tap and update it immensely. Nowadays, sensor taps are mostly preferred by people as they will give a luxurious look. It has infrared sensors which will flow the water once it senses your hands below, and it could be off automatically once you take the hands away. This is worked by the battery and electrical system, which will offer you the flexibility to use. It is usually made of a brass body and stainless steel.

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Wall Mounted Tap

You can see that some kinds of faucets are fixed on the basin, but the wall-mounted taps are fixed on the wall. It will be suited for all basin models, and you can install it anywhere. It will give a fashionable and amazing appearance to your kitchen. It will resolve 360 degrees, and it makes your cleaning work easier in the sink areas. It has the double shower flow option, and it is available with a flexible neck which can be handy for fast cleaning. It also has an overhang attached to the top that offers the required water flow and saves the water. It is made of plastic or stainless steel, so you can choose the desired one.

Contemporary Tap

Searching for a unique designed traditional tap? You can prefer the contemporary faucet, which will easily grab anyone’s attention. Through it will be any place like kitchen, basin or bathroom; it will surely bring a lavish look. Apart from the tap’s neck part, the buttons also give an aesthetic appearance that makes it more impressive. You can have cold and hot water at the same time with the help of the bronze handles. It is made of brass and bronze material that endure for more days.

Square Kitchen Tap Melbourne

While you look for a simple and stylish tap model for your kitchen, surely you can buy the square faucet. It has an eye-catching design that would never fail to fulfill your needs. As it comes with a long neck, the water will directly fall on the basin’s center part. It has a ceramic internal fitting, and it is the best choice that suits all model kitchens. It is made of brass, and it has a square shape. You can prefer the square kitchen valve and boost the living space’s appearance.

Final Thoughts

You can consider the above kitchen tap Melbourne for your home. At Auzzie tiles & bathroom ware, you can find unique design taps that would add a wonderful touch to your home. We offer you all kinds of options from the traditional to the model faucet designs.