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Where to Use Sandstone Tiles and Sandstone Pavers


It so happens with buyers of natural stones that they always find themselves in a predicament mostly, as to where to use natural stone tiles and where to use natural stone pavers. Firstly, they are overwhelmed with so many colors in which tiles and pavers are available. Secondly, it seems they do not understand the basic difference between a natural stone tile and a natural stone paver.

Natural stone tiles are used for decorating interiors such as flooring and wall cladding and retaining walls. They are thin in width and thus easy to fit on the floor, on the interior walls of a home, inside kitchens as slabs and countertops etc. Pavers on the other side, though they may look just like tiles, are very thick in width and very hard wearing and durable as well. Because of these qualities, they are meant for exteriors only, to pave patios, driveways, walkways, swimming pool decks, pathways etc. where there is heavy traffic, where the surfaces are exposed to extreme weather conditions and where there is a lot of wear and tear.

To make it simple to remember, consider this cardinal difference between a tile and a paver. A tile is classified as anything less than 30mm whereas a paver is classified as 30mm and thicker. Tiles are generally laid on concrete slabs whereas pavers are laid on a sand base but generally require a concrete base when used in a heavy work area such as a driveway.

Just like any other stone, Sandstone too is available in the form of Sandstone Tiles and Sandstone Pavers. Sandstone tiles are used to decorate interiors whereas Sandstone pavers ae used for outdoor paving purposes.

If you plan to use Sandstone tiles, then their glamorous finish and coloring can be put to best use by using them for wall cladding and retaining walls. Using Sandstone tiles with matching capping tiles helps give interiors a modern feel and symmetric look. Using a traditional rock wall or feature wall panel helps give interiors a natural and rustic feel.

Moreover, how your interiors turn out and how well your exteriors are paved also depend on your choice of supplier and the contractor who undertakes the task of seeing the activity through to completion. If quality of material supplied is sub-standard, then you are certain to feel disappointed with the results in the longer run. Also, certain types of Sandstones are less dense than others. With such types, there is a need to apply a sealant as without applying the stone gets damaged. Moreover, the sealant used will have to be used with a binding agent within it. The binding agent protects the stone from salt attacks.

After reading the arguments presented above, perhaps there will be more clarity over the usage of sandstone tiles and sandstone pavers.

Sandstone pavers are used outdoors & sandstone tiles are used Indoors. Knowing where to use them and the best way to use them helps get the whole task right with desirable results to look forward to.