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SEO and the Internet: Going Beyond Traditional Media


Many businesses these days feel less confident without SEO in their marketing strategies. SEO’s frameworks and techniques in boosting revenue attract companies to use SEO Gold Coast as their initial advertising tool. Today, many companies have SEO on their side; being in the business without using SEO for marketing and advertising may be considered as a disadvantage.

Internet and other Traditional Media

The Internet is bigger than traditional media platforms, like the television and the radio, in terms of space and target audience. The Internet seems more powerful in terms of accessibility. While the television offers channels and the radio has stations, the Internet is home to millions of websites that connect with people. It has changed our buying patterns as consumers. These are the same effects that TV and radio caused as new technology.

Yet the Internet offers something TV and Radio cannot: the search engine. Search engines can give consumers benefits that traditional media cannot provide, such as catering to the specific needs of a large audience.

The Channel of Choice

We have been familiar with the TV, the radio, and newspapers for years, even before we learned how to walk and talk. The Internet may not be considered a new technology anymore, but many people are still clueless about the Internet’s effectiveness in business and marketing.

The TV, the radio, and even print media have given us the power to choose the content we expose ourselves to. In the case of TV, cable stations are available to give viewers more choices. However, in terms of advertising on TV and the radio, viewers, and listeners are never in control of the frequency at which product advertisements interrupt daily programming. So we really can’t do anything about these commercial breaks; no matter what viewers and listeners say, various products will be advertised to us as we watch our favorite shows and listen to our favorite radio programs.

The Internet works in a different way. Search engines allow people to find the product or service they need when they need it. Eventually, the use of search engines was analyzed and studied. Search engines use keywords to point Internet users to websites relevant to their queries. The use of keywords has been closely studied, as well, to help experts figure out the best words and phrases to use when optimizing websites.

The Internet, however, shares similarities with traditional media as well. It has company-owned networks (website owners and businesses) that somehow sell us their products. The main difference is that an Internet user, by being able to use search engines to find the products and services he or she needs, gets to choose the products being advertised to him or her.

The SEO Inclination

When SEO Resellers made their mark on the SEO industry, the Internet’s availability to small business owners increased. Business owners began allocating budgets for online marketing. In some countries, leading networks have lowered their advertising rates just to fill in commercial block times. During these times, local businesses experienced success and even enjoyed the tight competition with some well-known, commercially popular companies. Advertising and marketing were brought online, but many businesses remained without a website to directly promote their services.

Niche and Ranking Wars

Now, keyword values and rankings are open to the public. SEO is open to all business aspirants as well. SEO firms are everywhere, and everyone can be an SEO Reseller. At least 77% of American businesses have websites, whether the business is a large-scale company, a small entrepreneurial organization, or a privately-owned online business. Businesses know their niches and fields, and what many business owners want is to reach their target market and turn these people into loyal customers.

Search engine optimization opened a new door of competition. TV, radio, and print media are still here, but the Internet’s association with the SEO industry changed how marketers and businessmen play their game.

SEO provides a level playing field for all companies. It is accessible and affordable. Through SEO, a shoemaker from the country can compete with popular shoe manufacturers. Through SEO, it may even be possible for a local, family-owned diner to dethrone the top earners of the fast-food industry.