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5 Reasons as to why you need a custom website for better traffic


A custom web design is created, built, and refined with your specific business goals in mind. Both you and your website will benefit from having a strong online presence.

For a business to reach its maximum potential, it needs a custom-built web presence. A custom-built website is designed and built specifically for your organization’s goals. The website is more than just artwork, but rather the combination of written content, functionality, and design.

What is a custom web design?

Custom websites are a significant investment, but one that is more than worth it. Custom web designs ensure that your customers will find you and your products easily. It would be a shame to spend so much time on your business and not have it represented the right way.

Instead of re-using an existing template or kit to build your site, custom web design experts work with you on a personal level to create a bespoke solution that delivers exactly what you need.

A team of Melbourne-based designers will work on your project to give it an exclusive look. 

Why do you need a custom website?

Here are the top reasons for the same:

  • It boosts brand identity

Every business has a unique brand, while some have interesting missions. And every brand should be represented through the design and style choices of their website. That’s why you need a custom-designed website created with your specific needs in mind.

The right design can speak volumes about your business. If you want to build lasting relationships with your customers, then you need a website that perfectly communicates your brand.

  • Search engine optimized

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process by which a website becomes visible to potential Internet search engine users. It’s especially important to businesses because many people tend to use search engines to find products or services they want. If you want your site to be visible on search engines and reap the benefits of SEO.

A custom website can give you the high rankings you want. 

With custom websites, you can choose when and where people see your site—you can make it show up naturally in search results and other places. Make your site stand out with badges, special offers, or a new design—there are tons of ways to control how people see and interact with your site.

  • Mobile Optimised

Responsiveness isn’t a trend, it’s the future. Custom web design will become increasingly important as the use of smartphones continues to grow. Mobile users are going to see your website on smaller screens. It’s important that your business doesn’t look too small to them.

SEO uses the responsive version of your website to determine your ranking. Without a mobile-optimized site, you could end up ranking below competitors.

Mobile optimization of your website makes it easier for people to find you via their mobile phones. This is a sign that your site is growing and adapting to the needs of the contemporary consumer.

However, a study of users for mobile-friendly websites features:

  • Page speed
  • Navigation
  • Mobile optimization
  • Readability

Businesses in Melbourne have started to realize this and are ensuring responsive websites for a better user experience. 

  • Custom websites allow the set-up of security.

People everywhere are starting to know to look for HTTPS in front of a URL. This tells them that the site is safe to use. Google even gives users a warning when the site doesn’t have SSL installed.

HTTPS is a simple term that can mean the difference between an engaged, informed audience or one that’s hesitant to make purchases from your site. HTTPS data encryption ensures that nobody can snoop on your online activity. When search engines see encryption and security, they know a site is legitimate and credible.

A custom web development company in Melbourne takes a ‘mobile-first approach. Everything they design is compatible with every device and screen size, focusing on user experience with accessibility, creating a site that is easy to use and navigate.

  • Unlike template websites, a custom website design is not generic.

With a custom design, you’ll be able to make changes anytime you want. Easily add pages as you need and update your website.

Once a website is built, it’s important that it’s easy to update. This way, we can bring you closer to your customers–and keep you at the forefront of technology.


With a custom website, you’re in the driver’s seat. You have complete creative control over how your site looks, how it feels, and how it works. If you’re looking to enhance your business with a customized, scalable web development solution, look no further than custom web development. 

Once you’ve got an updated website, you can boast about a new, fresh look to help attract new customers who are looking for your services.