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What Are The Interesting Characteristics Of Artificial Grass Geelong?


We can’t find natural grasses everywhere. So, in order to fulfill the necessity of grasses in places like auditorium artificial grasses evolved. Artificial grasses are evolving in such a way that they are more delicate and softer than natural grasses. They give the realistic feel in looks and uses. They are well known for their safety, durability and for their frequent use. Thus, there are some of the interesting characteristics of Artificial Grass Geelong which are mind blowing and astonishing. Let us look into them.

Composes several layers:

They were generally made up of several layers. The grass blades are fixed in the sand grains. In order to facilitate drainage, the grass blades are perforated every 30 cm. Porous stitching is done to make all the water leave through the pores during the drainage so that no water retains. Multi-layers gives the softness and makes them more spongy.

Contains sand filters in Artificial Grass Geelong:

Infilling artificial grasses in sand filter is more effective. Dried Kiln sand is the most commonly used sand for infilling grasses. Earlier grasses are infilled in rubber materials but now they are not used due to their unpleasant smell. The blades of the grass are at the top of the infill material. A natural infill material doesn’t produce any affect.

Safer than natural grass:

Artificial grasses are far better than natural grasses when it comes to safety. Natural grasses are not safe when they are exposed to bad weather conditions and overused. But artificial grasses can withstand them and are safer in the long term. Even if they are used for many years their quality will remain the same.

Frequent use:

More frequently you can you them than natural grass. There are many conditions for the usage of natural grasses like they should be used only once in a particular time period etc. But there are no restrictions for the artificial grass usage. They can be used as many times as per needs. They can be used for a whole year without quality change.

Climate proof:

Artificial grasses can be used in any climate. They are climate proof grasses. There are limitations for the natural grasses upon their uses, location of use and seasons of use. Artificial grasses can be used four to five times a week without any damage to the grass. They are more compatible for wet weathers also without getting ruined and producing hazards.

Lengths can be customized:

Another most important advantage of artificial grass is that they the size of the grass blade can be customized as per your wish. For auditorium uses the grass blade size should be small alternatively for landscapes and gardens the grass blade size should be medium or large according to the place of use. They can be folded without any damage and can be kept anywhere you want.

Similar to carpet manufacturing:

The manufacturing process of the artificial grasses is similar to the manufacturing of carpets. The equipments for carpets and artificial grasses are similar. The procedure is also in similar manner. Starting from the base and stitching grass in the infill material.

UV Resistant:

They are highly resistive to ultraviolet radiations. Since they are mainly used for outdoor purposes many harmful radiations can affect the grass and spoil them. These grasses are resistive to UV rays and other harmful radiations. They can tolerate hot as well as cold pressure.

Final Lines:

These are some unknown characteristics about artificial grass Geelong. Auzzie turf is one of the best Artificial grass seller in Australia. We consist of a technocrats team as we are constantly studying on the durability and quality aspects of artificial grass with different manufacturers and find out the manufacturer who has the ability to provide best products with good quality and withstand weather conditions. We fulfill the expectation of people from grasses. The softness, comfortableness and the beauty of natural grass without any maintenance is provided by us.