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A Comprehensive Guide about Slate Tile Roof!


Do you want to install or repair slate Melbourne? If yes, then seeking professional help is mandatory. The professional and qualified roofers will analyze your space and do the installation properly. On the other hand, they perform a thorough inspection and find the missing or broken slate roof tiles. They also discover whether the roof has a leak or other potential issues. After that, they give the efficient solution to store the roof’s integrity and maintain its safety.

Before reaching the expert’s hand, it is vital to know in-depth about the slate tile roof. It helps you understand things to do and not to do with the roof. Many homeowners think that DIY repair or installation is enough for a slate roof. But, in reality, getting professional assistance is the only way to stay away from potential hassles. Scroll down the page to learn much about the slate roof.

What does slate roof mean?

The slate roof comprises overlapping slate roof tiles attached securely to the roof deck or solid substrate on the sloped roof. If it is installed properly, it could last for up to 100years. Of course, it needs regular maintenance and repair to ensure its longevity.

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Slate tile roofing is the most specialized field of roof installation. An experienced roofing contractor will need to install a slate roof on various types of projects. Roof tiles are widely accessed in all sorts of residential and commercial spaces.

Benefits of the slate roof tiles

  • Slate roof tiles come in a variety of colors and sizes. So, you can choose the right slate roof tiles suitable for your space and grab benefits. If you install the slate tiles properly, it will bring a classy appearance to your property. Many people are attracted to slate because of its excellent appearance.
  • Since these stones are millions of years old, there is no surprise that slate roofing lasts for 100years. But, it depends on the thickness of the slate tile you install in your space.
  • Slate roofing is a resilient building material, and thus it does not impact much by harsh elements such as water and fire. But, make sure you perform maintenance and repairs whenever required to ensure the roof’s safety.
  • Slate roof tiles are extremely eco-friendly. It does not impact the environment much, and thus you can engage with this roofing option without a second thought.

Tips for slate roof maintenance

If you are installing the natural slate tiles roof, you have to be aware of the maintenance issues that may arise. The installation of the slate tile consumes much from your pocket. So, it is vital to follow the below-mentioned steps to protect your investment.

  • It is important to perform exterior visual inspection annually to check for broken, missing, misaligned, or cracked tiles. This should perform from the ground or with the drone camera.
  • Check downspouts and gutters regularly to make sure they are clear, and the water is flowing freely. If it is not clear, you have to clean it immediately to avoid serious issues.
  • Call the roofer who performs the installation to do the maintenance periodically. Remember that improper walking on the slate can cause tiles to crack or break. In addition, it increases the chance of getting an injury.
  • Check for stains and wood rot that may be major evidence of leaking. It indicates the slate tile roof needs immediate attention to avoid major problems.

If you are thinking about installing slate roof tile in your home, contact Top Tier Slate Roofing. The expert team will render you the best service within your budget.