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Should I repair or replace my air conditioner?


Figuring out as to whether you must repair or replace your air conditioner is a quite tricky decision to make. Often, people don’t realise that there’s still life left in their old system. You need not have to invest in a new system; all you need to do is get your system with air-con service Melbourne experts.

Purchasing a new system can be a pricey endeavour, that might often not be well calculated. I

In this blog, we aim to highlight some of the aspects that will help you analyse whether you must undertake air conditioner repairs or replacement.

  • Age Factor

Age plays a crucial deciding factor. If your system is over 15 years, it might need replacement as it may show frequent pricy repairs. At about that age, a system tends to break down more often as compared to a relatively new system. 

  • Consider replacement if your air conditioner’s energy efficiency is questionable. 

If you mark an increase in your energy bills, your system’s energy efficiency is under doubt. Efficient air con will save you money as it utilises less energy for cooling or heating. Replacing your old air-con with a new energy-efficient system will help you save in the long run. while considering a new system, make sure you look at its energy efficiency rating (EER).

  • Maintenance and Condition

A homeowner needs to maintain their system to ensure it remains energy efficient. Regular repairs and services will let the system perform its best and last longer. A team of experts will handle your air conditioning service in Frankston. They will clean your vents, ducts, fins, and other parts of the system. 

  • Corrosion of Outdoor Unit

This is one situation where you can be confident of replacement without taking a piece of expert advice on the matter. If your outdoor unit shows signs of rust, you must replace your system. Fan coil of an outdoor unit needs to be in good condition to transfer energy effectively. When they get corroded, they become brittle and flaky, showing clear signs of inefficiency in heat transfer.

If you notice the above-stated signs in your air conditioner, it’s time you replace it. While purchasing a new system, you must keep certain things in mind to avoid future issues. You must check the manufacturer’s warranty, energy efficiency, how easy it is to get its spare parts. Some minor considerations will help you save on your system repairs in future.

However, if you aren’t able to replace it, get it repaired through a team of experts who will help you with it. You don’t necessarily have to replace your air-con, there are many viable options for repairs available. You may opt for a feasible option that may enhance your air conditioner’s life. 

Irrespective of your decision to replace or repair your system, you must consult a trusted expert who can determine the precise state of it. Depending on the issue, the technician may fix or advise replacement of your unit. However, if the problem is severe and costs too much for repairs, or the unit is too old, the only option available is a replacement.