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10 Amazing Facts to Know About Opal Stones


Opal is the most unique, diverse and elegant birthstone, unlike other gemstones. Opal stone is considered to be amorphous as it does not define a particular crystalline structure without any kind of shape .The opal stone is found in many different shapes and colours that are unpredictable. Opal is used in making jewellery such as opal necklace, bracelets, earning, and much more. One of the interesting things about opal stone is that some myths about it are essentials to know. Here are given with spectacular specimens for you to admire and to know about the interesting and fascinating gemstone opal.

  1. Ancient gemstone:
    Opal is one of the ancient stones that has been the muse of artists, writers, and creative’s seems like the beginning of the time. Opal is a precious stone that has been found in ancient Rome that is admired till today and makes jewellery like opal necklace.
  2. Development of opal:
    Opal has been there for more than hundreds of years in the minds and hearts of mankind. The gems were developed with the exact cause of opal formation disputed and believe that silica has been carried out by the opal formation into rock crevices due to heavy rain.
  3. Types and origins:
    The opal is found in worlds that come from Australia and other countries. There are 2 different types of opal commonly found one is the precious and common gemstone. The precious gemstones are generally known for their exotic colours that shine up in various colours.
  4. Colours of opal:
    The opals have main two basic colours that are background colour and play of colours caused by silica and its impurities. There are different varieties of opal with variety and unique combination and character traits. They are found in orange, yellow, red, green, purple and one of the rarest colours is black opal gemstone.
  5. Opal price:
    Unlike other gemstones, opal is also leftover from the natural state with general treatments like filling fractures and treatment with smoke. Where dark-coloured stones are used to these kinds of treatments some time rainbows coloured gemstones are also in diverse play of colour that is expensive and priced highly.
  6. Double and synthetic:
    In the case of natural opals, it has been sliced and adhered to onyx and other gem material that gives a bright look with illusion. The illusion is of bigger, dark, and expensive opals that are susceptible and called doublets. opal necklace is made with doubles that give effects of illusion.
  7. Opal’s hardness:
    Opal gemstones are mostly fragile than other kinds of birthstones. Opal stones have a rating from 5.5 to 6.5 on 10 scales of hardness. You must focus carefully while handling this type of gemstones with proper care and should hold up well.
  8. Opal’s gifts:
    Opal is considered as the official birthstone by the national association of jewellers. That is the reason why6 most people like to wear an opal necklace. To give you, spouse, friend, mother, father, sister, brother or even your relatives will be the best choice.
  9. Opal as luck:
    Many consider that wearing opal as a birthstone brings bad luck from them. Getting lost on this gemstone is like blaming superstition . That is the reason most people develop superstitions with the fact that they are softer stones.
  10. Petrified wood:
    The opal stone is formed by amorphous silica and it has the overlook like fossil wood. Thus in most of the cases, opal stones are replaced with wood which is not real; it is just for the appearance of it that has been overtaken with opal.

Therefore these are some of the facts of the opal stones that have been used by many of them and considered as the common birthstone that gives plenty of different results. It has been considered as the most unique and diverse arguably. It helps you to showcase your beauty by just wearing these jewelry. Contact us for more information!