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Coronavirus: How To Stay Safe On Your Travels?



Everyone noticed that travelling had become a pretty concerning action in the past five months, with the global spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Due to this, people are cancelling booked trips and have been warned by health sectors to minimize contact with already affected countries. If you have decided to travel whatever reasons it may you have to keep yourself safe from the Coronavirus, then you should pay some attention towards this session, which will help you a lot during the travel. Stay up-to-date with travel advice before making a final decision. 

Protect yourself from Coronavirus while travelling

Initially, the virus was confined to mainland China, now it spread to countries across the world. World Health Organization has marketed the impact of this global health emergency from high to extremely high, with governments imposing strict bans and screening processes to limit the risk. The first thing you have to do is avoiding travel to infected areas is your best bet to protect against Coronavirus or if you want to travel. Here are a few mentioned preventing measures to keep you safe while traveling. 

Ø  A necessary hygiene habit, washing your hands rigorously can limit the risk of infection spread. That is recommended you wash your hands under hot water for a minimum of 20-30 seconds to kill germs.

Ø  If you’re traveling to unknown places, you can’t fully trust the quality or purity of food and water. So you should be particularly aware of food contamination of any kind. Avoid eating food product which is left exposed for a long time. 

Ø  Before moving to travel, do not forget to get vaccinated. Because there is no available vaccine for COVID-19, getting vital flu and infection shots are useful to lower your chances of developing or catching a common cold as well as reduce the risk of respiratory infections.

Ø  Another vital thing is to limit your contact with those who are sick if you are returning then practice self-isolation to avoid close contact with others. 

Ø  You should know that masks won’t necessarily protect you from infection risk; you shouldn’t do frequent touches with eyes, mouth, and nose, especially with unwashed hands. 

Ø  Travelers who bought travel insurance before COVID-19, you should know they covered for medical expenses and cancellations. 

Things to consider while travelling on transportations

Once you decided to travel, then you must follow some strategies for staying safe while you’re out. If you work in a sector where you still need to commute for work, try to adjust your work hours if possible, to avoid busy times. Wash your hands as soon as possible after your journey, because surfaces in a public transit setting the virus are those that are most commonly touched materials such as the bars that you hold on to for balance on the train or bus. To avoid this, wipe down those surfaces with a disinfectant before you grab hold of them. If possible, consider other forms of transportation like walk or bike to your destination instead of taking public transport.

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