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Things you need to know before joining a Gym


Regular exercising has positive effects on both body and mind. Since some time now, scientists have stressed, ‘how exercising can boost brain function’. 

People hit the gym mainly to improve cardiovascular health, build muscles and better health. The benefits of the gym have been many, from reducing stress to boosting confidence, alleviating anxiety and more.

Many people are in two minds when it comes to joining the gym. The dilemma may be due to lack of knowledge or confidence in the gym. You must understand the pros and cons of joining the gym before you jump to conclusions. 

We are here with a helpful guide to take you through the initials of a gym and its formalities. 

  • Try before you buy.

Various gyms let its prospect members test out the gym through a limited free pass. It makes you feel more confident about joining the particular gym. You also get to access all kinds of equipment that you might want to use in the future. 

However, there is a limited trial period which might not provide you complete insights but still lets you analyse its pros and cons.  

  • Location of the gym.

Location is one significant aspect while considering joining a gym. You may want your commutation time to be minimum while going to the gym. Your gym can be closer to your workplace or your home, as per your requirements. A gym with a convenient location is a thing everyone looks forward to. 


  • Ask how to use things.

The first and the foremost thing you do once you join a gym in Cheltenham is to ask the requisite questions. Most of the people in the gym, work out regularly and are quite aware of how to use different types of equipment. In case you are not willing to take the help of people, you can ask the gym staff to assist you. They are there to help and guide people. 

Also, if you are unaware of where the changing room, bathroom or other areas are, you can ask for help from the receptionist. 

  • Meet the personal trainer (in case you are looking to hire one)

In case you are looking to hire a personal trainer, talk to him about the prospects of you joining the gym. Ask him the basic questions (that you feel right), and analyse whether they will be able to assist you better. 

Before committing anything to the trainer, ask for his credentials and area of specialisation. See if he is a certified trainer and if yes, under which institution.

  • Ask if there are any group classes conducted.

If you’re all considering those group fitness classes, ensure the gym has what you’re looking for. The analysis of the sessions will let you know what exactly you are paying for. You must check the workout class schedule, and it’s timings. Make sure the timings of these classes don’t clash with your other essential things. The workout schedule should excite and motivate you. If it doesn’t interest you, you can opt for alternatives that fulfil your requirement. There are various Oakleigh gyms which conduct such group classes.