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The 12 Foods of Melbourne You Must Try


Melbourne, a vibrant city in the heart of Australia, is not just known for its rich culture and stunning architecture, but also for its diverse culinary scene.

The city is packed with a variety of food that appeals to all taste buds and budgets. From the aromatic coffee that kick-starts your day to the delightful doughnuts that sweeten your evenings, Melbourne’s culinary offerings are a gastronomic journey you wouldn’t want to miss.

This article takes you through 12 must-try foods in Melbourne, each offering a unique taste of this beautiful city.

Is Melbourne Food Really Good?

The short answer is yes! Melbourne’s food scene has always been a source of pride for the locals, with an abundance of fresh produce and multicultural influences creating a melting pot of flavors.

In fact, Melbourne has been named the world’s most livable city seven years in a row by The Economist, partly due to its amazing food culture. With over 3000 restaurants, cafes and bars, the city caters to every palate and craving.

From classic Australian dishes to global cuisine, Melbourne’s food scene is a reflection of its diverse population and rich history.

Let’s discuss some of the must-try foods that make Melbourne a foodie’s paradise. These 12 foods are just a small taste of what Melbourne has to offer – so get ready to tantalize your taste buds and experience the culinary delights of this vibrant city!

Fish Dumplings

Fish dumplings, a staple at ShanDong Mama, have earned their place as one of Melbourne’s must-try dishes. These delicate parcels of minced fish and coriander wrapped in thin dumpling wrappers are a treat for seafood lovers

Priced at $24.80, they might be a bit on the expensive side, but the burst of flavors makes it worth every penny. The only downside could be that they’re quite filling, so make sure to save room for other dishes. They’re perfect for sharing with your partner or family, making the dining experience more enjoyable.


When in Melbourne, a visit to Butcher’s Diner for their famous cheeseburger is a must. At $16.80, the burger offers a juicy patty sandwiched between fluffy buns, accompanied by melting cheese and tangy sauce.

The pros? It’s delicious and satisfying. The cons? It’s not the healthiest option. But it’s a great comfort food choice to enjoy with friends over some lively conversation.

Tajarin with Rabbit

For pasta lovers, the Tajarin with rabbit is a dish that shouldn’t be missed. This dish, featuring thin, egg-based pasta tossed with tender rabbit meat, offers a unique twist on traditional Italian cuisine.

The price may vary depending on the restaurant, but the experience of trying this unique dish is priceless. It’s perfect for a romantic dinner with your partner.

Lamb Roast

The Lamb Roast is an iconic dish of Melbourne. Succulent and flavourful, it’s a hearty meal best enjoyed at one of the city’s many cozy motels.

The price varies, but the satisfaction of a well-cooked roast is worth every cent. It’s a great dish to share with family, especially during special occasions.

Banh Mi

Banh Mi, a Vietnamese sandwich packed with meat and pickled veggies, is a quick and delicious snack option.

Affordable and available at various street food outlets, it’s perfect for those on the go. It can be messy to eat. But it’s a fun food choice to enjoy with friends while exploring the city.

Meat Pie

The Meat Pie is an Australian classic. Filled with minced meat and gravy, it’s a hearty snack that you can find in any local bakery.

It’s affordable and filling, but can be heavy if you’re planning a big meal later. It’s a good option for a quick bite with your family or friends


Gozleme, a Turkish flatbread filled with various toppings, is a must-try in Melbourne. It’s affordable and versatile, with fillings ranging from spinach and cheese to spicy minced meat.

It’s a bit greasy, but absolutely delicious, making it a great sharing dish with friends or family.

Hot Jam Doughnut

No trip to Melbourne would be complete without trying a Hot Jam Doughnut. These sweet treats, filled with warm jam and dusted with sugar, are a delight for dessert lovers.

They’re affordable and delicious, but high in sugar. They’re perfect for sharing with your partner for a sweet end to your date night.

Pippies in XO

Pippies in XO is a seafood dish that’s worth trying in Melbourne. The dish, featuring pippies (small clams) cooked in a spicy XO sauce, is a treat for spice and seafood lovers.

The price can be high due to the seafood, but it’s a great dish to share with family or friends for a special occasion.

Chicken Parma

Last but not least, Chicken Parma is a classic Aussie dish that you must try in Melbourne34. The dish, consisting of a breaded chicken breast topped with tomato sauce and melted cheese, is a hearty and satisfying meal.

It’s relatively affordable and can be found in many motels in Melbourne. It’s a heavy dish, but undeniably delicious, making it a perfect comfort food to enjoy with family or friends.

Dim Sim

The Dim Sim, was popularized at the South Melbourne Market. It’s a larger, spicier version of the traditional Chinese Dim Sum, filled with meat and vegetables. Reasonably priced, it’s an ideal snack or light meal.

They can be quite filling if you’re planning a big meal later. However, they’re a fun, casual food to enjoy with friends while touring the city or relaxing.

Vegemite on Toast

Vegemite on Toast is an iconic Australian dish that you must try when in Melbourne. This simple yet satisfying dish consists of Vegemite, a salty yeast extract spread, slathered on warm, buttered toast. It’s extremely affordable and widely available in cafes across the city.

While its unique taste might not appeal to everyone, it’s definitely worth trying at least once. It’s a quick and easy breakfast option to enjoy solo or with your travel companions before heading out for a day of Melbourne exploration.