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What are the Common Mistakes in Designing Name Badges?


People’s memory power is not as strong as before, and so you can’t remember everyone you met. When you are running a successful business, you will have many employees in your company or office. But cannot remember and identify each employee. For helping business people around the world identify their employees and avoid the entry of strangers as an employee in their company, Custom name badges are there. Even a small mistake in that name badge will reduce the impact on employees’ minds as it is a professional thing for them. In this post, you are going to know the common mistakes while designing custom name badges.

The common mistakes of designing custom name badges 

Not only for employees, even in school will the students have name badges. While designing a name badge, there are some procedures and restrictions, and small errors will spoil the name badge uses.

1. Low quality: 

For every product, the quality must be great to have good usage. As the Custom name badges will give a professional feel to your employees and show the image of the professional capacity of your company, it must be of good quality. If the quality of the name badges is low, it will create a bad impression on others. The low-quality badges will break easily, and their durability is very less. Poor quality name badges are worse than mistaken badges.

2. Spelling error:

The spelling of your name and your job title in Customized name badges must be clear and correct. Having spelling mistakes while designing name badges will be unprofessional and it is an embarrassing moment for the designer when they commit a spelling error. Some names are difficult to spell, and you need to pay more attention while designing them. Keep the names in order and check twice before engraving the names in the badges.

3. Not understanding purpose:

In every work, understanding is the basic requirement, and without understanding, the work won’t get quality and effective. It is the same for designing custom name badges and before starting your work in designing the name badges, have a clear understanding of the purpose of those badges. It has many purposes like company employees’ regular usage badges or special events or even for conferences. Make clear about its purpose to have a unique style and content according to it. For special corporate events, the name badges must be so stylish and different, whereas it is useless for the daily usage of company employees.

4. Unclear font:

One of the most common mistakes while designing name badges is unclear font. The customized name badges should be neat and easy to read, whereas unclear fonts will become difficult to read. When the name badges have an unclear font, people may look too close to read the name, which may look awkward and spoil the purpose of name badges. The font in the name badges must be capable of reading from 15 – 20 meters away. Light color badges with small or unclear text will become useless and not fit for long time usage. Consider the badge size and ask the ordered person about the font elements such as font size, type, color, and formatting.

5. Overlooking marketing ability:

In the business world, name badges act as affordable marketing tools. The employee name badges will show the entire brand of your company, and it will connect more people. The badges must be in your company’s style, and they must have your logo on them. When you can remember the name with the company brand, it will start a networking conversation among various people. Make sure about the name badges with all company’s requirements to increase the marketing potential.

Bottom line: 

Thus, these are some of the common mistakes of designing name badges. Apart from the mistakes mentioned above, some other mistakes like too much content, not enough information, non-satisfying colors, etc., are there. Avoid these mistakes and design the best custom name badges.