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6 Kw Solar Panel: What Is It, and How It Works?


Sun is one of the most powerful sources of energy, and it is renewable as well. Solar energy can be converted into electricity and used for business and home purposes. But how? Well, it can be possible with the help of solar panels. You will find a small 6KW solar system in Adelaide that is used to supply the electricity in the home. But there are many levels of solar panels available in the market which are used in commercial as well as residential properties. 6KW is very small, and it is used for both the in-home and business sectors.

What Does 6kw Mean?

KW or kilowatts is the measure of the solar panel’s output in a single time which means 6KW installation will give you 6KW electricity under all suitable conditional. But there is a little difference in the actual output as there are many factors like temperature difference, dirt on the solar panel, rain, snow, clouds, and other factors. So, in real life, you will get 5.15 KW by installing a 6kW solar system for ultimate benefits. You can decide how many 6KW solar panels you want based on your electricity requirements.

6Kw Solar Panel

How Does It Work?

So just like every other solar panel, the 6KW solar system in Adelaide collect energy from the sunlight and convert that energy to electricity. Later that electricity is used to power up the appliances. The solar panel is composed of layers of silicon, phosphorous, and boron. The panel absorbs the photons in the sunlight and generates an electric current. So, the better exposed the panel is to sunlight, the greater amount of electricity will be generated.

First, the sunlight hits the panel, and the panels use the sunlight and convert the energy into DC. The DC flows to an inverter, and the inverter then converts the DC to AC. After that, you can use this AC to power your home. This is an easy, safe and clean option for all the time.

Efficiency First

Before going deep into discussing the 6KW solar system in Adelaide, let’s find out about your home’s efficiency. No matter the size of the solar installation, if you plan properly, it will help you save more money. You need to replace the lighting with long-lasting LEDs. If you have an electric water heater, then install low-flow faucets and showerheads. If you don’t understand how it helps, then you should know that plugging air leaks around the home can decrease cooling and heating needs by 30%.

6Kw Solar System

How to Make Your 6kw Solar System More Efficient?

  • Clean It Properly

The solar panels are installed on the rooftop mostly. And with the dust and dirt get accumulated on the surface of it. Due to this, the panel can’t absorb the sunlight easily, and the efficiency reduces. So, to tackle this problem, you need to keep it clean most of the time so that you can make the most out of the solar panel.

  • Keep It at the Right Angle

Angle plays a crucial role in the efficiency of solar panels. So, take to an expert who will help you to install the solar panels at the right angle for optimal efficiency. The angel varies from location to location.

  • Monitor the Panel

You can use a software or monitoring system to see the output levels of the panel. With the software, it will become easier for you to track the 6KW solar system efficiency. You can take a look at the analytics page to get all the information as well.

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