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Types of services for VW servicing in Sydney


A vehicle is a big investment, thus it is also essential to maintain it in the right manner to ensure it remains in good working condition at all times. Regular maintenance also helps extend the life of a vehicle, increase overall safety, and reduce the cost of repairs on your vehicle. It is also essential to monitor fluid levels like engine oil and also check the tyres. This article lists types of services necessary for a vehicle and the importance of a logbook service. It is a must-read for those considering VW servicing in Sydney.

Popular Types of Service

There are several types of service necessary for a vehicle that not all owners are aware of. For example, those dropping off their VW for repairs in Sydney might not be aware of the details of the service tasks. Listed here are some of the important ones:

  • Minor service: Vehicle owners drop their vehicles at a service station for routine maintenance but might not be aware of the type of service being performed on them. A service station will not always perform a comprehensive service.  It also includes checking engine oil and the replacement of a filter. It might include many other tasks like checking tyres and making other changes as per manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Major service: A service station will opt for a major service or a minor service as per the service schedule. A major service as the name suggests is a more detailed service that includes much more than minor maintenance.  These are essential fluids that lubricate ring and pinion gears. These are responsible to transfer from driveshaft to the wheel axis. It might also include checking and replacing brakes and clutch fluids. A major service will usually happen less often as compared to a minor one.
  • Logbook service: Logbook services are a service that you need to submit your vehicle to an authorised dealer for routine service. This type of service is as per manufacturer’s guidelines and includes tasks that are recommended by a manufacturer as well.

Importance of Log Book Service

It is quite common for vehicle owners to skip their routine maintenance which is not advisable since it is not good for your vehicle.  A large number of vehicle owners tend to skip their routine maintenance due to financial concerns or a busy schedule. Some of the vehicle owners also believe that a new vehicle might not require regular maintenance when it is in pristine condition.

The initial period after the purchase of a vehicle is crucial and is referred to as ‘running in’ period. It is also a time when the maintenance schedule recommended by a manufacturer is very important. It helps increase the life-span of a vehicle, ensures better fuel efficiency, and improves vehicle efficiency. Listed here are a few reasons why logbook service is important:

  • First few months after the purchase of a vehicle is referred to as a ‘running in’ period. This is a time where one can expect more wear and tear since there is more friction between engine components. The pistons, cylinders, and other components are very rough in new machines, hence it is more important to perform maintenance work for better vehicle life-span and improve fuel efficiency.
  • Automobile manufacturers will also recommend an oil change and filter change sooner for a new vehicle as compared to that for an old vehicle.
  • Maintaining your vehicle as per a logbook schedule by visiting a service station in a timely fashion will also ensure you do not break warranty conditions. Failure to do so would make it difficult to claim against warranty if the need be.
  • It is a good method of avoiding serious damage to a vehicle during initial states.

This is also a good method of ensuring a good resale value.