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Slate Roof Repair Vs. Replacement – What To Opt For?


When speaking about roofing, slate is one of the aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting materials. Even though this roof looks quite expensive, it is highly beneficial for the users in many ways. It creates a timeless look for your residence. According to your roof configuration, location, and types of slate used, it can last longer.

In the past, a slate roof is utilized in the church buildings mostly. However, it is now accessed in residential and agricultural buildings due to its low maintenance and longevity. Even after enough maintenance, if you find any damage, call the professional who provides slate roof repairs in Melbourne.

Professional knows much about the slate roof, and thus they handle the damage or repair carefully. In most cases, they suggest a permanent and cost-effective solution to the problem. Generally, roofing repairs are not easier to handle as it needs expertise and skills.

If any wrong move occurs, it puts your life at risk. This is why hiring a slate roofing contractor becomes mandatory. Now, the real problem is homeowners often get confused on whether to perform slate roof replacement or repair whenever the issues arise.

What causes damage to the slate roof?

Before deciding on repair or replacement, find out the major culprits behind this problem. Even though slate is the durable roofing material, it becomes damaged and needs repair or replacement due to the following culprits.

  • Excessive ultraviolet radiation breaks down the chemical makeup of the slate tiles and drying them out to become more fragile.
  • Rain cracks the brittle slate. Due to stagnating water, it develops moisture, mold, and then leaks.
  • Strong winds often crack or loosen the slates off completely. It reduces the structural integrity.
  • Weakened fasteners and flashings make the slate roofs weak and rusty in a short time.

Repair vs. replacement 

Whenever repairing or replacing the slate roof, it is all about maintenance. Since the slate roofs are designed to last the decades, it needs regular inspection and proper maintenance to reach this age. In addition, you have to replace the missing and cracked slates often to prevent serious damage.

While removing the slate, you have to inspect the underlying decking and flashing for damage and make necessary repairs. It is extremely easy to see and repair the broken or missing slate tiles. However, it needs careful examination by professional roofing contractors to determine whether the slate is at the end of its service life.

The major sign for the roof replacement is when above 20% of the slates on the slate roof repairs Melbourne. Whenever you notice major flaking of the slate and powdering on the underside of the slate, you have to replace the slate roofs completely without any doubt. As long as the problem is minor, the repair is enough to save your money and the building’s integrity.

However, in the worse condition, go for the replacement even though it is expensive. It helps you to save your building integrity and aesthetics. Ensure you join hands with a professional who knows all ins and outs of the slate to obtain the best result.

If you want to get the best roofing result, then engage with Top Tier Slate Roofing. This company offers excellent and affordable slate roof repairs in Melbourne.

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