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7 Common Bookkeeping Mistakes Australian Accounting firms are making

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Bookkeeping is an art- it requires immense passion, patience, and perseverance to excel. Managing records, expenses, and payments of a firm is not a cakewalk. This work requires immense knowledge, skills, and technique. It is always easier to plan and predict the future of the firm when one has a detailed overview and analysis of the firm. Better relations with banks and other firms, along with accurate tax predictions, are some of the hidden benefits of bookkeeping.

Having said this, there are many Australian firms that make little to silly mistakes and end up in trouble later. We are here to highlight those mistakes and never repeat them.

Some Common Bookkeeping Mistakes Australian Accounting firms are making:


  • Not separating business and personal spending

Many small and big firms mix and complicate both the expenses. The best advice is to open a bank account solely for business operations to separate both the spending and thus keeping a proper track record of the expenditures.

  • Failing to back up data and records:

Not managing data appropriately, tracking old records, statements, databases will lead to problems and difficulties. Safekeeping of records along with preparing extra copies of the records seems tiring, but this hard work will come in very handy if one set of data gets misplaced.

  • Not meeting the deadlines:

Delay in finalizing the work may lead to many problems and complications. When firms cannot meet deadlines, payment penalties, high premiums are to be paid, which again leads to financial losses.

  • Miscalculations:

Inattentiveness and negligence while collecting, computing and tabulating figures and statistics is a major reason behind incorrect observation and results. While bookkeeping, one must be vigilant and watchful to avoid errors and miscalculations. Bookkeeping seems to be a straightforward job, but in reality, requires rigorous efforts and attention. While noting figures, one must try to avoid mistakes and work with patience and insistence.

 Doing bookkeeping by yourself:

It is better to take help from an expert than doing deadly experiments. Doing bookkeeping by yourself may be a risky decision when one does not have adequate training and expertise.

Bookkeeping Service is a service provided by accounts specialists who manage bookkeeping and reduce chances of miscalculations, keeping in account all big and small expenses and payments made by the firms. Accounting outsourcing is an easier way to save effort and time. Bookkeeping by a specialist would ensure smooth functioning and effective management of the firm.

  • Not prioritizing bookkeeping

Many firms sideline this essential task and as a result, miss their deadlines or tend to make mistakes when computing things in a hurry. Bookkeeping is a very important part of running a successful endeavor. If the firm is not aware of its expenses, profits, losses, then how it would plan strategies and execute them efficiently.

  • Failing to track small and miscellaneous expenses

Many accounting firms in Australia are so busy meeting their client’s grievances that they ignore small expenses and forget to compute them in their official records. Tracking expenses means tracking every purchase and every spends. One huge mistake many Australian companies commit is failing to track minor purchases. Those small purchases made and later forgotten can add up to an extensive amount of money. These expenses could come in handy when tax time rolls around.

In addition to all these mistakes, poor communication is a major problem faced by many firms. Firms should keep their bookkeepers involved and integrated with what’s going on inside the business. Bookkeepers must be acquainted with new policies, reforms, and management operations made inside.

Benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting services:

Expert accountants and analysts maintain records and data with little hassle. An accountant can be a perfect advisor to the firm and can play a major role in scaling the growth. The quality of bookkeeping increases when one hires a professional to handle this responsibility. Overall, a firm would benefit when it hires a well-experienced professional accountant advisor.


Managing data, expenditures, savings and investments holds extreme importance for the smooth functioning of a firm. We can only derive proper conclusions and analysis of the data when bookkeeping is done perfectly. Many firms pay less importance to this task, and as a result, are unaware as to how to bring reforms and new techniques in their organization to bring growth.

To refrain from stagnant growth, proper plans need to be prepared and implemented to break the low pace of development. Outsourcing accounting along with hiring experienced bookkeepers is the best way to solve this issue. To avoid penalties and other pay, firms should take help from specialists in the field to avail long-term benefits.