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How Artificial Turf Suppliers Install The Fake Grass?


Many people are confused about how artificial turf suppliers Melbourne install fake grass on the lawn. To clear it out, you are about to get the step-by-step guide that is involved in this procedure. Apart from this, you can enjoy some incredible benefits using these turfs, which saves you money and time. You may prefer this fake grass for any purpose such as lawns, playgrounds, sports fields, and many more. The resilient and smooth usage of these turfs makes your entire happenings a flexible one. Further, it keeps you away from pesticides and other chemical components used for maintenance purposes. Now, it is time to explore the installation process of these turfs for your knowledge.

Preparing The Area

Initially, the artificial turf suppliers Melbourne will prepare the area appropriately to install the grass without any hassles. This process includes the removal of existing plants or other debris in the entire area. In addition, they will level out the ground surface using the shovel or rake based on requirements. Once the entire area is smooth, they may take over the next step of installation. It is mainly done to maintain an even surface while placing turfs, which don’t cause any discomfort.

Adding Some Base Layer

Once after preparing the area smoothly, the artificial turf Melbourne is placed after creating a base layer. Moreover, this process is also done to create an even surface below the fake grass. They evenly spread a two-inch layer of grass bed below to make it more comfortable. This road base helps in creating a perfect surface level, which avoids the ups and downs in the middle. Remember, only professionals will take over such a process that remains significant for the customers.

Ensuring Drainage System

Checking out the drainage system before installing is highly useful to avoid the formation of puddles and slippery surfaces. Meanwhile, placing the turfs over dirt or other solid ground material leads the drained waters to enter into it. To avoid this, you should at least place some granite layer above the surface to be placed. Even after this, if you are installing this over solid areas like concrete or stone, it is essential to drill holes in it. Only by doing this, you can enjoy the effectiveness of the turfs you purchased.

Installing The Turf

Once after confirming the base layer and another process, it is time to lay the turfs on top. In this, they will pave the lawns on the top and let them sit in the sun for many hours. Without a doubt, this idea helps to expand and make the directions of the glass blades the same. Before starting the cutting the turf rolls into ribbons, you must put some nails every few inches. It helps in ensuring that all the turf ribbons are appropriately positioned without any troubles. After this, the professionals will start installing the turfs in a significant manner.

Applying Infill

Finally, the artificial turf suppliers Melbourne use infill that helps to weigh down and prevent unwanted voids, wrinkles, and matting on the surface. Where the turfs are so small, it is essential to spill the infill using the hand. Without a doubt, this process is taken over by the experts, which gives you better results. After completion, you should use a broom for removing the debris or other things avails over the turf. You can even use a garden hose above it to remove the dust. For More Details to Contact Us Now