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Tips On Using Glass Notice Boards In Your Office- Why Are They Better?


While browsing different types of notice boards in Australia, you will come across several different options. From melamine and porcelain to glass, choosing the right board for your office can be a difficult decision to make.

That being said, we can root for the glass notice board, personally. Not only does it add a pure, organized edge to your workplace, but it is also capable of bringing the entirety of your staff together. “How is an activity of buying office furniture online capable of bringing the staff together?” you might ask.

To help you understand the doors of creativity that a glass notice board can bring to your office, we’ve noted them down for you below:

Capable of promoting informal conversations

A glass whiteboard isn’t like a normal whiteboard that doesn’t attract attention. Besides being a useful addition to the firm, the glass notice board is known to be a conversation starter.

When it comes to workplaces, employees need to be able to interact with each other beyond deadlines. After all, since every employee is simply a team member of one massive corporation, it’s important to be able to communicate with each other effectively.

To do so, ice breakers are important – most workplaces refer to this as the ‘water cooler’ effect. Two employees bond over a glass of water amid their work hours – it’s perfect! Not only does it give the workers a breather during a busy day, but it also allows them to bond with each other.

You don’t need to limit its use to meetings!

One of the top reasons why we recommend the glass whiteboard is simply because its uses don’t need to be limited to the conference room! Depending on your needs, you can use the glass notice board for the following activities:

Decor for special Fridays!

Several firms and businesses have begun incorporating a fun activity as a part of their busy schedules through the week/month. Whether it be an hour on Friday or an “Interactive Saturday” over the month, if you’re hosting a special bonding activity for your employees over the week, you can use your glass board to hold up different forms of decor.

Some ideas include:

  • Put up the polaroids of your employees to form teams for games!
  • Stick up some clues for a group activity!
  • Keep the scores of different teams noted over the board!

Allow your employees to personalise their space

If you have a glass board present in the middle of your office ground, you can use it to display the profile of every employee in a more personal way.

“How so?”

You can tell your employees to put up pictures that mean a lot to them – whether it be of their pet, their friends and family, or even of a public figure that they look up to. When the working hours exceed and there is no time to rest, looking over at the glass notice board filled with happy moments of every employee can be a fulfilling piece to walk past.

If your office can provide comfort to the employee, you will be able to build employee satisfaction.

Get yourself a glass notice board, today

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