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farming future in Kenya


Farming in Africa is picking up slowly, social media influencers like yours truly  https://youtu.be/e4aOtMqkcwM among other digital factors have led to the rise of self-taught farmers. It has also assisted to transforming the mindsets of the young people to see agriculture as an income stream. In the age when unemployment rates are in an all-time high, agriculture has seemed to offer solutions to creating of livelihoods and employment to fellow citizens.

Parents however are lagging to recognise potential of agribusiness. They grew up in a generation of hardship and struggled a lot to make to make ends meet. They saw farming as child labour and a sign that they were less-than their richer neighbours, while their parents were just trying to get by, asking them to go get nappier grass for their one cow across the valley, shovel manure, milk the cow and deliver the milk all before they could attend for school bruised them beyond repair. They do not wish this for their beloved children, and so they continue sending them to colleges and universities knowing well that the academic situation leaves little to be admired.

The government in Kenya has listed agribusiness as one of its agendas in the current government. It has intentionally preached for all to get into the space by providing training support to the existing farmers. The issue with this plan is that the average farmer who is registered with the government through the county agricultural extension officers is at the average age of 60 years. This means that the young upcoming farmers do not have access to government support.

The hope lies in the government digitizing its extension services so that it can reach all in its attempt to reach its goal before 2022.The Corona Pandemic has taught us that we could reach the objectives by spending half the resources of physical meetings. The ministry of agriculture can use this youthful influencers as the trainers on zoom or webinars to broadcast countrywide.