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Best Stationery Staples For Creative Best Kids Project Idea – Best Out Of Waste


Today in the world many countries situated, and all have a minimum of 20 stationery shops have. All stationery shops have more than a thousand things and out of these, 700 items are sold daily. But sometimes something bad comes out, that shopkeeper puts that spoiled thing in the garbage. If something goes wrong for the purchase of the customer, then those customers also put that thing in the garbage. But that shopkeeper or customer does not know that a person can create something innovative from that spoiled thing, such as children’s play items, etc. We can make anything new and innovative with anything from stationery, it is called arts. Arts and crafts in the carpets of India started from the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is also the special school for learning art in Himachal Pradesh. And humans come from all over the world to learn this art in school.

1: Ice-cream stick fighter plane idea

This is the best innovative idea if your child not sits for study. making this project you must need to four ice-cream sticks, Glue, Paint, eraser or small bead, scissor or cutter, 1 Wooden clothespin. This all does not purchase in stationery or any other shop, because if you have not kept to all things in garbaged then you easily use all material in this ice-cream sticks fighter kids project. Wash the icecream sticks; paint the icecream sticks, Glue the eraser or bead. Scissor or cutter through cut the ice- cream stick in 3 pieces.

2: Sock Snowman Idea

Snowman sculpture has been made in the United States before, but you can also make your own snowman using a number of useless stationery items. But first, you wonder how to make your own snowman, because you have no idea about it. At that time you can use a pair of sock, a colored sock, map pin, scissors, glue, buttons, cloth or rubber band to make your own snowman.

Cut the white socks; Glue the buttons on the belly of the snowman. Use the map pin to making eyes and nose. Use the red socks to making snowmen hat. Use cloth for the muffler.

3: Making birds house from carton Idea

All parents his in childhood time making a home or birdhouse from toys. But it’s true that you can be making the own birdhouse used of many waste things. In this project, we used the waste milk or juice carton, Glue, plastic spoon, cutter, soft book cover, color paper, and wool. Paint the carton, making a hole in the top and another side of the carton, making the roof then use the soft book cover over the top of the cartoon, below the door cut the x shape and insert plastic spoon.

Apart from these waste stationery staples, there are many other stationery staples that are very useful in routine life to human beings, please use them in life and not misuse. Making new items best from waste.