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Advantages of MBBS in Nepal for Indian Students


These 21 amazing points that proven the advantages of MBBS in Nepal for Indian students.

  1. Nepal is an Asian country. It has one of the most reliable countries that offer a high-quality education to their students, and the cost of medical training in Nepal is very low as compare to other countries.
  2. Nepal has many government medical universities or colleges that offer MBBS courses at a very affordable fee, and it is also recognized by many bodies like the MCI (Medical Council of India) and the WHO (World Health Organization) perceive many medical universities or colleges.
  3. The language of guidance at Nepal Medical College in the English language makes it simple for Indian students to study in MBBS in Nepal medical universities or colleges.
  4. This country has an excellent framework and the general climate in the country is delightful.
  5. The MBBS courses in Nepal have more emphasis on the logical parts of training.
  6. The usual general costs for basic items in Nepal are also low as compare to other countries.
  7. The student has an alternative to choose a rental apartment or hostel to live in high-class ability and secure living.
  8. In many universities or colleges, almost every college and school have an Indian mess and in this way, there is no issue for any Indian student about their life of tongue.
  9. The WHO (World Health Organization) and the MCI (Medical Council of India) support the MBBS in Nepal.
  10. A list of clinical schools and clinical institutions.
  11. The initial support offices are assured so that the students do not feel a long way from home.
  12. Various transportation like train, vehicle, transport and so on moderately we sure.
  13. The training in the medical colleges or universities is of the best quality with an unimaginable tremendous knowledge foundation.
  14. The courses of MBBS in Abroad from Nepal are less expensive than in many other European countries.
  15. The language of course at the MBBS university or college in Nepal is the English language.
  16. Students are given the opportunity to participate in worldwide gatherings and classes, which help them to acquire information and expertise.
  17. A lot of local people communicate in the English language, so it is advantageous for students of India.
  18. In MBBS universities in Nepal is not allowed.
  19. Indian food is available at the university mess and restaurant.
  20. Separate young women and young men hostel. Some hostels even have Indian superintendents.
  21. Nepal is a fully protected country for girls especially.

These amazing advantages of MBBS in Nepal for Indian students are very useful.