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20 Unbelievable Facts about Southeast University of China

  1. Scholars of China

Southeast University (SEU) was established in the year 1902 under the guidance of some of the best known scholars of China at that time.

  1. Quality of Education

The University has approached and increased its quality of education over the years since its establishment to become one of the most recognized universities in China for the students who are looking to study MBBS in China.

  1. Curriculum of Southeast University

The curriculum of the university is designed in such a manner that the academic and career goals of the students should be achieved at an excellent rate.

  1. Variety of Multi Cultural Students

One of the most important aspects of getting an education at Southeast University (SEU) is the variety of multi cultural students who come to study there.

  1. Get Experience of Top Notch Study at Southeast University

Southeast University (SEU) warmly welcomes students from all over the world to get experience of top notch study at the university, where the students get to enjoy a famous and rewarding academic experience.

  1. The Campus of Southeast University

The main campus of Southeast University (SEU) is called the Sipailou Campus which is located in the middle of Nanjing city, an ancient capital for China for six dynasties.

  1. History and Culture of Southeast University

The architectural structure of the university’s campus is based upon the history and culture of Southeast University (SEU).

  1. Library of Southeast University

The library of the SEU (Southeast University) consists of hundreds of thousands of books in several languages by famous scholars who have shared their knowledge with the students with books and texts.

  1. Top Most Educational Institution

The university has the vision to become the top most educational institution in the future not just in China but also on a global level.

  1. Heritage and Sightseeing Destination

Located in Nanjing city of China, Southeast University (SEU) has a beautiful atmosphere as the city is known for its heritage and sightseeing destinations.

  1. Transportation Facility Always Available

The transportation facility in the city is excellent and it gives the students an easy approach to reach the other parts of China as there are several modes of transport available all the time.

  1. Vast Campus Area

The campus of Southeast University (SEU) is very vast and the approximate area is more than 300 hectares.

  1. Affiliated Hospital of Southeast University

The affiliated hospital of Southeast University (SEU) is situated in the Dingjiaqiao campus where the school of medicine is also situated.

  1. Scholarship Schemes Available for Every Student

There are many different scholarship schemes that are run by the university and many eligible students are able to avail of the benefits of these schemes on a yearly basis.

  1. Focus on Extra Curricular Activities

The University arranges many different activities for the students along with the course such as sports activities.

  1. Cultural Activities Organized by University

Also, many cultural activities are arranged by the university throughout the year through which the students get to learn each other and about many different cultures, especially the Chinese culture.

  1. Eating Expenses is Very Low

The eating expenses of Southeast University (SEU) are also economical and there are many famous and economical restaurants near the university campus where the students can eat.

  1. Cafeteria Available in University Campus

The cafeteria is also established on the university campus which serves food at economical prices.

  1. Accommodation Facilities are Excellent

The accommodation facilities of Southeast University (SEU) are excellent with many facilities and features with necessary amenities installed in the rooms for the students which are provided to the students on a sharing basis.

  1. Learn a lot about Chinese Culture

The best part about getting to study MBBS in China is that the students learn a lot about Chinese culture and the community and about Chinese people.