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Why to Use Genda Phool (Marigold) in Your Wedding Decoration?


 Here are some tips for good wedding decoration by using Marigold flower.  In this blog, I have mentioned some Genda Phool decoration ideas also tell you why to use genda phool (marigold) in your wedding decoration. Marigold flowers are used in worship wedding planners in Jaipur so because it is considered sacred. It is used in every festival and functions in India. Decoration with marigold is looked eye-catchy. When you use yellow marigold flowers for decorations with pink colored cloth for the tent, it will look stunning. You can use both yellow and orange to give a contrasting look to your event.

Are you recently involved and are looking forward to spring/summer weddings in 2021? And, if you are delaying or having to postpone your wedding until 2021 due to a pandemic, well, consider yourself lucky. Because Jaipur’s top wedding planners have announced a new trending wedding color inspiration in 2021 – marigold!

Genda Phool Swing Decor

Inspired by most of nature, the color is 10 floral accent colors with a range of 5 neutral colors such as olive color caramel, gray, and green. The color is clearly spring and summer, but it’s flexible enough to be on-trend all year round.

How You Can Put It On Your Big Day?

On luxurymywedding.com, we’ll be discussing the color palette and how you can put it on your big day, one by one. The first of these colors is Marigold – yellow-orange color called flowers of the same name.

Do you know?

Marigold flowers, known as Genda, bloom in the color of the sun: bright yellow, thick orange, bright white, rich in gold, and warm red. Called “solar weed,” the typical marigold aroma helps improve mood and reduce stress. The color of orange and yellow marigold is considered profitable for new early and important life events. In addition, the aroma of marigolds repels mosquitoes, insects, and other insects.

The tradition of using the marigold flower in India

In India, we have used Marigold (in the form of marigold flowers) forever in our weddings, festivals, and other ceremonies. We are very excited because we will be trending and traditional in one day! Now you can use these ideas for your wedding. You can plan your destination wedding in the budget, with some best wedding planners. You can choose destination wedding in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Pushkar, and many more cities of India.