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Things You Should Know About Web Development


Web development is the coding or programming or creation and maintenance of a website as per the owner’s or client’s requirements. It includes website designing, database management, and web programming. A lot of times, the people used the word “web designer” or “web developer” as the same, but both the fields are different.
The major task of a web developer is not only to get involved with the design structure of the website but also to write web scripts in languages such as PHP and ASP. On the other hand, a web designer designs the look of the website using HTML or CSS. The task of a web developer is also related to managing the database and website maintenance as well.

Many aspects of web development
There are so many aspects of web development, such as creating web-based applications, social networking websites, and applications, E-Business apps, etc. It involves creating a simple text for a website to a complex programming structure. In order to understand the whole concept, we need to divide it into three layers: Front side i.e., Client-side coding, Back end side i.e., Server-side coding, and Database technology. All the tools which require un websites, whether it is a static web page or an E-commerce website or a social networking app, all are built and developed by web programmers and developers.

Let’s discuss the three categories to understand the concept of how to develop a website efficiently and user friendly.

Client-side coding (Front side):
It is an end-user experience; this involves creating a layout, fonts, menus, etc. that visitor directly accesses on the website.

Server-side coding (Backend side):
It is the maintenance of the things which the user never sees. It involves ensuring database management so that everything runs smoothly, and the user gets a happy experience browsing a website. For example, if a visitor is filling out a form, the browser shares a request o the backend or server-side, it then responds with required information in the form of front end coding, the browser interpret these codes and display it on the webpage.

Database technology:
The website’s database contains all the necessary information that is required to run a website. It store, organize, retrieve, and save all the files so to enables a website to function properly.

In short, the three major wings of website development is the front side, backend, and database management that enables a website to function smoothly. All these are interrelated and cannot be separated. These three lays the foundation of a website. Our lives are so incomplete without technology. The world is a Global Village; if you want to reach out to your customers or business, then one needs to have a good user-friendly website.

For that, you need to carefully select a web designer and a developer who can draft a website or an application to help you reach to the targeted segment. There are several ways to create a website. But customization is the key to success. Most of the large organizations have dedicated teams to manage their official websites, whereas small business owners hire a freelancer to do the work more customized and time-bound.