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Top Trends That Every Social Media Agency Should Be Aware of


If you wish to succeed in social media, the foremost thing you need to do is staying ahead of the curve and understanding the trends in social media. Most of these trends may appear to be common all 12-months, but it is all about how you drive it beneficially. 2020 is becoming a landmark for both the technology and social media in several ways. Several major social media channels have achieved many milestones in their journey from the pastime to be business-oriented and informative. When it comes to places like Melbourne, most people rely on digital means to get their things done. Here is some trend to discover for and expect from the leading social media marketing agency Melbourne.

Augmented reality is on its track

In several ways, augmented reality is becoming a remarkable shout to make people realize that the future is here. It allows the users to have remarkable experience and make them retain in the medium for a longer time. Several mobile phones started supporting the filters to have beautiful selfies with desired effects. When a brand or the social media marketing agency Melbourne works with it wisely, they can have some impressive benefits.

Advanced, dynamic, and direct social ads

Several brands are still investing massively in social ads for lots of marketing reasons. This is because the customers are becoming increasingly comfortable with this new concept of social media shopping. Coupled with the fact that the ads are now becoming more advanced, it is also easier than before to encourage the direct business from the customer on these social media networking sites. For instance, the recent tool out of Facebook of personalized ad experiences delivers products dynamically to the customer’s formats and the call to action based on the targeted audience.

At the same time, the recent introduction of Instagram shopping also highlights the growth in this platform to sell things. It is the representation of the arm for eCommerce and retail brands. It also looks to start selling on this Instagram without having to funnel the bio link in the medium.

The social commerce are massively expanding

Several social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook are now changing the marketplace to sell and buy the products. Social commerce has become the new retail avenue for the new trend and is now becoming stronger than before. Social commerce is on its way to becoming the mainstream retail channel alongside a number of other media such as offline stores and websites. It is the new trend that will strengthen further with more and more social networks introducing pro selling features such as shoppable posts. Understanding this, social media marketing companies are working to establish new brands, and it will work to leverage and incorporate the social commerce and sale strategy.

The trend of videos

Today in some places like Melbourne, the video is one of the most engaging forms where it is serving as the clear winner to gain the attention of the people. As per the study, 82% of the online content will be video content. The social media marketing company that focuses on the trends are now working to produce new videos that will gain the attention of the audience. All these videos are suitable to post in the news feed, story, and several other areas. Even the platforms that are traditionally dominating in the text and content are now welcoming more videos.

Shift from global to local

This year, the local marketing will be a must especially, with the dominance of mobile and voice search. In fact, it is found that more than 55% of the users use voice search to find the local business in the local areas. So, it is vital to optimize the local search and implement the best practice for local marketing.


If you are looking to grow your business in this digital era, ensure that you visit the right social media marketing agency Melbourne that will work to fulfill all these qualities and make it possible to establish the marketing goals. For more details to contact to PMG Digital.