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Low Budget Marketing Strategies Should Follow In Every Startup Business Organizations


Startups business organizations are facing many challenges in their field, but none as precarious or life-threatening as the struggle to remain cash positive. There are numerous ways available to solve those problems and challenges. In addition to those ways, there are plenty of ways to improve marketing and the brand name of the organization. Low-budget marketing strategies are helping startup business organizations to have a permanent place in the competitive business industry. Let’s see about the top low-budget marketing strategies that should be followed by every start up organization to improve its brand name. 

Press releases and guest posting 

It is quite common that people are spending their valuable time reading the newspaper and blogging sites. The startup business organizations can make use of those press releases and guest posting sites. You have to provide high quality content, which is describing the products and services of the organization. The guest posting sites will post the company’s content on their website. The press releases are inexpensive ways to get your business brands mentioned in major publications. And they will expand their domain by attaching the backlinks of your organization. By doing this, you can easily market your brands and products to the public. 

Content marketing

The next way in marketing strategies is content marketing. Content marketing is available in different forms, but none requires a significant investment. So this method is mostly used by startup organizations to market their products and services. The approach consists to manage an on-site blog by adding new content frequently in a week. The content will inform and entertain the readers in some unique and practical way. The content may be in the form of video, podcasts and infographics and so on. 

Search engine optimization

Whenever you are spending time writing the high quality content for content marketing, you can invest and make use of search engine optimization. The startup business organizations are using online tools to identify relevant keywords to the content. The keywords could attract heavy traffic to their website with low competition. You need to make structural changes in the content and attract backlinks to the organization domain. Even though it involves a lot of work, it is one of the cost effective ways to reach and market the organization’s products to the public. 

Social media marketing

You might be heard or aware of social media marketing. Social media marketing is not one of the things that someone can do casually for their business organizations. Even though it is a freely available one, the people who are masters in social media and invest their valuable time on social media are able to market their products and services. The Startup business organizations have to establish profiles on the major platforms on social media. And post the products and services and the relevant content related to the products and services of the organizations. The organization’s profiles should be in an active state and stay connected with every individual who is interacting with them. 

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the cost effective ways to market the products and services of startup business organizations. As long as you have a good list that contains organically curated and a steady non-invasive stream of outgoing emails, you are able to market your products to the targeted customers. 

Forums and groups

You should not underestimate the power of public forums and social media groups. The best way to market your products is in an active state in every public forum and social media groups. More than hundreds of individuals will be available in the group, you can use those groups to promote your business. Apart from this, you need not speed much for taking part and participating in the forums and groups. 


Pay-per-click ads can be used to promote your business. But you have to spend more rather than other marketing strategies. Even though it requires a high cost, it is an easy way to create brand awareness among the people. 

Thus, therefore, creating a brand name for the startup business organizations is the easy way, when the organizations are following the above-mentioned strategies. Follow these low budget marketing strategies and promote business organizations.