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How Do Oral Contraceptives Impact Your Oral Health?


Evolution has engaged humanity to reconnoitre new possibilities in every practice. Processes of giving birth to a new life and controlling this natural process have also evolved. People can now control natural birth courses with progressive medical science. You can discover several birth control approaches, just like extensive choices of cell phones to buy. Oral contraceptives have been one of the easiest approaches to control the birth process. However, Epping dentist proposes that Oral contraceptives are corrupting your oral health. The birth control approaches have been persistently progressive. With innumerable easy Oral contraceptives, people are controlling an inevitable natural process.

Further, in today’s age of antagonism, women are more focused on their careers. They plan family to achieve professional objectives. But it’s high time that you should also identify the drawback of Oral pills, especially your oral health. Oral pills have reflective consequences on your gums that lead you to an Epping dental clinic.If you are consuming birth control pills consistently, you should comprehend some of the impacts of oral pills.

Oral Health

Birth control oral pills as an adversary to your oral health!

Gum swelling 

Gum swelling is an inescapable drawback of consuming oral contraceptives. Women who consume contraceptive pills after intercourse will find swelling of gums pertinent to the time of consumption. In some women, gum swelling appears as an immediate effect, while in others, it appears after some time. Swelling degrades your gums and teeth health. When gums in your mouth swell, it can generate an infection instigating damage to the auxiliary bone of teeth. In extreme cases, gum swelling causes teeth to loosen and fall.

Bone dissolves 

Bone-in the human body dissolves with excessive consumption of salt. Teeth as a bone also won’t resist it. Oral pills also have certain concentrations in them that can dissolve bone. The alveolar is a bone that clutches teeth in its place. With extended use of Oral pills, you can degrade this bone. Women in many cases witness losing of teeth at an early age.

Oral pills

Gum recession 

Consumption of Oral contraceptive pills also leads you to gum recession. Gum recession is an oral condition where the marginal gum tissue surrounding teeth wears away. Eventually, it exposes more of your teeth. There are many consequences of gum recession affecting your overall health. It includes:

  • Loosing and falling of teeth
  • Accumulation of plaque and germs in between teeth
  • More teeth exposure degrades your oral aesthetics
  • It affects the natural gum line
  • And acts as a pocket or gap for food trapping

Periodontal pocket creation 

Oral contraceptives attack your gums in the preliminary stage. This leads to many consequential periodontal oral diseases; periodontal pocket creation is one such oral vulnerability. Oral contraceptive consumption creates periodontal pockets around your teeth where germs build up. Increasing bacterial growth then leads you to teeth vulnerability.


What signs will you find that alarm you?

  • You can witness excessive reddish gums offering you an inflamed feeling
  • Bleeding of gums while you are brushing your teeth
  • Excessive exposure of teeth surface
  • Change in oral aesthetics and smile
  • Constant drying of mouth with development of foul smell.

These are some alarming signs of your degrading oral health. If you witness so, you must consult a dentist. To avoid extreme damage to gums, here are some tips to try.

Keeping gums healthy

    • Ensure constant cleaning and scaling of teeth
    • Visit dentists for deep cleaning and removal of bacteria
    • Change oral contraceptive pill, if you think the pill is developing oral disease
    • Check diet

Healthy gums

If you don’t find any relaxation, you must consult an Epping dentist. Dentists will guide you to every urgent treatment necessary to avoid potential oral disease.

Rawson Dental Epping is a committed dental clinic that focuses on boosting oral health with advanced treatment. It deploys the best practices to return the smile back to patients. Book an appointment online today.

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