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The effectiveness of flu vaccinations: are they essential during the pandemic?


If you live in Australia, you know that COVID is widespread in almost every part of Australia. This is why Australians are being urged to take proper hygiene measures, maintain social distancing, and get vaccinated. To reduce the risk of influenza and COVID both, flu vaccines have shown effective results. The best part is that when you visit a clinic like Medicross, their bulk billing doctors in Gold Coast can provide you necessary vaccines at a good price. Flu vaccines wouldn’t protect you against COVID but they will certainly increase the risk of influence and boost your immunity system which is essential to stay healthy.

Should you get a flu shot?

It is mandatory to maintain social distancing and Australians are staying home unless it is absolutely necessary to step out. This has certainly helped in flattening the curve. However, you still need to leave your house to go grocery shopping, travel to work, exercise outdoors, or go to buy medical supplies- you are still exposed to the external environment. In such cases, you should get a flu shot. But if you are confirmed COVID positive and can’t leave your house, your doctor will be able to tell you when you can get the shot.

Other prevention measures

Although visiting a bulk billing doctor in Goals Coast will be an even more insightful experience. But following some simple precautions like;

  1. Washing your hands often
  2. Ensuring social distancing
  3. Eating healthy to keep your immunity strong
  4. Avoiding public gathering and non-essential travel
  5. Visiting a doctor immediately if you suffer from cold or fever

The risk of severe fever is higher in COVID as compared to influenza. You might confuse the symptoms of influenza with COVID but it is best to visit a doctor to be sure. Staying informed during such times is the best way to beat anxiety and stress. If you have children, make sure you educate them and address their queries in a friendly manner. Stay away from being prey to any rumpus and refrain from sharing them either. It is important that you discuss the situation with the people around you. Try not to panic and overthink the situation. The silver lining is that despite millions of cases, the death ratio is still pretty low. Hence, if you experience any symptoms, even the slightest, make sure to visit Medicross at the earliest possible.

Knowing when to seek professional help

Even though majority cases are solved with proper medication and self-isolation, visiting a doctor is inevitable. You might feel that you know a lot and you can treat this on your own, but nothing can replace professional care and advice. Your doctor is the best person to decide what needs to be done and which treatment will be best effective. The data so far shows that 4 out of 5 COVID cases are mild and can be treated easily with necessary medicines. Although COVID spreads much faster than influenza, it can be treated effectively when you are under the guidance of professionals.

The team at Medicross consists of highly trained and experienced doctors and nurses. They stay up to date with the current medical practices and whatever is happening in concern with the pandemic. They have clinics in various regions of Australia. Their services are available 24/7, hence you can book an appointment whenever you want. Their bulk billing process makes it even more convenient for you to get the best services at the best prices. Visit their website Medicross.com.au or drop an email at ops@medicross.com.au describing your query.