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Easy Ways To Clean Bathroom Tap Melbourne At Home

Bathroom Tap Melbourne

Usage of taps is commonly high in every home regardless of members. The frequent use of Bathroom Tap Melbourne obviously results in getting stains and dirt. Although people try to keep the lavatory tidy with frequent maintenance, many misses to clean and keep the taps shiny. Some avoid cleaning it due to short of the time while others because of laziness. In this article, you can understand where the dirt accumulates in taps and how to clean it without much effort.

Where Do The Stains And Dirt Accumulates In Tap?

On The Knob: The knob is the point where the user’s contact with the tap to on and off the water flow. Due to the frequent touch on the knob, dirt will accumulate on it. This needs to be wiped off for the glossy look of the faucet.

Why The Demand For Bathroom Tap Melbourne Is Surging?

Grime At Tap Joint: One of the hardest parts to clean a faucet is its joint with the sink. The main reason for grime is the moist environment.

Brownish Stains On Top: Next cause of the brownish stains on the tap is the deposit of calcium and magnesium.

How To Clean Bathroom Tap Melbourne Easily At Home?

Lemon: One of the major issues found in faucets is the reduction in speed of flow. The reason behind the slowness may be because of the accumulation of limescale. So, how to clean such dirt and keep the tap shiny? Place a slice of lemon on the calcified area and left it untouched for an hour or two. The acid content in the lemon will react and will loosen the limescale. Followingly, use a scrub pad with lemon juice or a chemical agent to wash away the stains on the faucet.

Vinegar: In case of cleaning stubborn stains or limescale, you can use vinegar and warm water. Just dip a cloth into the mixture of white vinegar and hot water and clean the taps. Still, the grimes stay, alternatively, you can dip a cloth in vinegar and wrapped it on the faucet for about an hour. Subsequently, clean and dry the tap to avoid rusting. Use vinegar with toothpaste to clean the joints of the tap and for maintaining the luster look.

Baking Soda: The knob is the most common part of taps with maximum stains. To clean such hard specks of dirt, pour baking soda and water on the faucet. The following step is to scrub away the dirt using a toothbrush. This is the stress-free method for cleaning even the hardest stain on a tap.

Dish Soap: Sometimes in a shorter period after installation of the tap, it will miss the shiny touch. In such cases, to revive the glossy look of your faucet, it is good to use dish soap and warm water. Just dip a clean cloth in soap and warm water to free your taps from stains. The luster looks of taps will back with this simple cleaning technique.

Closing Words

The above-mentioned are the easiest way to clean Bathroom Tap Melbourne. If you want to install supreme-quality shiny taps in your home, then get them from Auzzie Tiles & Bathroomware. We supply and install excellent bathroom products at an affordable price range.