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Facts Everyone Should Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal


Wisdom tooth extraction is one of the cosmetic dental procedures. It removes the wisdom teeth, which appear between in the adult age. It is located at the edge of the mouth on both the bottom and top. Some people have impacted wisdom tooth that means they do not have enough space to grow. The cosmetic dentist can perform wisdom teeth removal. The dentist suggests wisdom teeth extraction if anyone has the impacted teeth; it causes current or future problems. Keep reading to know more about wisdom teeth extraction.

Reason to extract wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth grow between the age of seventeen and twenty-five. It is the third set of molars in the mouth. The dentist spots the wisdom teeth on an x-ray. These teeth can cause some dental problems. The person can ensure they don’t damage bones and teeth in their mouth. The trained dentist offers safe wisdom teeth kew procedure to the patient. The cosmetic procedure is adjusted based on the patient dental history and medical condition. There are lots of reasons to remove the wisdom teeth, such as

  • Wisdom teeth are impacted
  • Not enough room for extra teeth
  • Unable to reach the third set of wisdom teeth with the toothbrush
  • Wisdom teeth come in at the wrong angle

If wisdom teeth are trapped in the gums and cause pain, you can immediately go to the dental clinic. The dentist spots your dental problem and provides the proper treatment within the short time. So you can get back to your everyday life as soon as possible.

During wisdom teeth extraction procedure

This procedure takes about forty to fifty minutes. The patient never feels pain during the surgery because the dentist gives anesthesia. They may be asleep at the time of the procedure based on the sedation type the dentist use. There are lots of steps involved in this procedure, such as

  • Sedation
  • Numbing the wisdom teeth
  • Tissue removal
  • Bone removal
  • Wisdom tooth loosening and sectioning
  • Tooth removal
  • At last, stitches

The dentist removes one or two wisdom teeth at once based on the needs of the patient and their oral health condition. You should choose the leading dental clinic for this procedure because they have essential tools and machines to provide the most excellent treatment.

After the procedure

After wisdom tooth extraction surgery, you stop using nitrous oxide gas. The dental professional gives the gauze for the patient to bite, which helps blood clot in the extraction site. They might feel anesthesia effects after one hour of surgery. The dentist has determined that the patient breathing usually will discharge them. The patient will spend at least one hour in the recovery site.

Recovery process

After the wisdom teeth removal surgery, you can avoid drinking juice through straws for the first 24 hours. Never use mouthwash and drink alcohol that causes side effects. Don’t brush the teeth next to areas of wisdom tooth extraction. You have pain in the mouth for few days after the extraction. It takes up to five weeks to heal the extraction place. But some people can return to their regular activity within few days.

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