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Debunked Myths about Wedding Video And The Facts Behind Them


A wedding is one of the major milestones in every couple’s life. It is the time you tie the knot with your better half in front of all your family and friends. Though you capture all these remarkable moments as photos, the Wedding Video will help you to have a real-time experience. It can cover the entire occasion including the marriage vow, your first dance, and more things. But it does not always get preference in the wedding planning list due to some misconceptions. Whenever you watch this film, it can make you feel the day and also it is easy to share with others. If any of your beloved people can’t be a part of this celebration, then sending the clips to them can keep them happier. Refer below to the common myths about wedding videography that are exposed. 

Photography Is Enough For Wedding 

Some people have a thought that having a photographer is enough to capture the marriage memories. Though the images are freezing the moments and are traditionally a staple of this occasion, having the videos can make it the best. Shooting the film can help you to watch your parent’s smiles, your brother’s funny jokes, grandmother’s wonderful dancing moments, vows and more things. You can watch them at any time and store them in different formats like CD, Pen drive, mobile, and other items. But, from the promise to toasts, the photography can’t cover everything along with the sounds. 

Videos Will Be Boring, And You Would Only Watch It Once 

In the past few years, shooting wedding films methods are changed, and the experts started to add some themes, and styles. Apart from the bridal occasion, it will include the engagement, trailer, and more interesting parts. Also, you can recreate your first meeting, date, proposal, and other best memories in the video. Lots of funny incidents, laughter, toasts, and emotional moments will occur at the ceremony. All these will be recorded in the video, so even if you watch it after years, it will bring you the chance to relive the memories. So, it never becomes boring, and you can watch them and cherish the day. 

You Can Hire The Videographer At The Last Minute 

You may have the chance to choose a Wedding Videographer Melbourne who is not skilled and have experience in shooting the video perfectly. It can occur when you are at the last minute of the occasion and choose the one. When you prepare the plan for the venue, decorations, dresses, and other things, don’t forget to add the videographer to your list. Research well, and take more time to check the skills, experience, equipment, and other factors of the professionals. So, avoid selecting the expert at the last minute and pre-planned about it to shoot the wedding beautifully. 

All The Wedding Films Are Same 

Not all the wedding videos are the same, and they will be recorded in a different style and theme. You can hire the one by following their social media and checking their previous films to know what kind of themes they used. It helps to relive your favorite moments, and share them again, and again with your loved ones. They will shoot it with a different background like sunset, rain, beach, river, and more parts. It can add an edge to the films, and make them look more memorable. So, each video will be recorded uniquely, and not all are the same. 

Wedding Video Is Not Worth The Cost 

You would be spending some expensive money on the venue, attractive decorations, impressive dresses and more things at marriage. After the celebration, there is no need for them. But paying some money for the wedding film can shoot all these things wonderfully, and they can be stored as a memory. So they won’t be wasted, and you can treasure them whenever you watch the clip. Lots of priceless moments will be happening at the wedding, and not all of them can be captured by the photos. But the videos can record everything as the professional will use a few cameras in different angles to shoot everything without missing. 

Videographers Will Use Massive Cameras Everywhere 

It is an ancient myth, and now it is not true as it may have happened only in the olden times. Now the technology evolves, and professionals use advanced cameras to shoot everything in marriage. So, they won’t use the bug and cumbersome equipment that is annoying. Even the apparatus will be smaller than the photography cameras. So, you won’t feel anything disturbing with the equipment used by the experts. They can bring you the best clips with a small and high-quality camera. 

Final Lines 

The above myths about wedding video are busted! If you want to use the videography on your big day, then contact Lensure. We have well-versed experts who all have more years of experience and knowledge in the profession. They will value and understand the importance of your marriage and create a fantasy story of your special day. For more details Contact Us on our website.