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Tips and Tricks to Avoid Hefty Car Services


Do you own a car? Are you thinking of buying a new car? Are you worried about huge car service Hawthorn East bills every time you visit your car service centre? Is your car maintenance hampering your monthly budget? The answer of your every question is in this article.

Service of a new car does not cost much, but if the age of the car increases then the car service Hawthorn East service bill increases. Proper and regular maintenance of your vehicle can prevent this increase in servicing bill. Car maintenance helps you save money and who doesn’t want to save it, so take a look at the following tips and tricks that can help you save a lot of valuable dollars the next time you visit a service station:

Keep track of service manuals

The car service Hawthorn East service guide is the most important guide or book you can say that can help you save a lot of money. This guide has been designed by professionals who have built cars for users so that the car will stay in good condition over time. The guide shows:

  • When you need to change the oil in your car, change the filter, change the braking oil and much more.
  • How old are the assembled parts in your car, after how much time do, they need to be replaced?

All this can be done with the help of manual and can be done intelligently beyond your car service. And don’t let some dealerships and private servicing stations fool you with tempting offers and advice. Always refer to the car service manual for that.

Clean your wiper blades

The general tendency of people is to run to the nearest service station to change their blades whenever they run out of glass. Maybe not every time, sometimes they just need a proper cleaning with a clean cloth or paper towel. After you clean them, make sure they are completely dry before you set them back.

Clean car seats

Coffee or drink stains often fall on our car seats which are difficult for you to remove. It may cost you dollars to get it cleaned at a service station. Here’s a little trick to clean it up in just a few minutes. Then, add half a teaspoon of vinegar and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Once that is done, clean the seat with warm water and you will see the magic happen.

Belt replacement on time

It is one of the most important parts of a car engine. It is basically a timing belt or you can call it a toothed belt, which is used to move the shaft in an internal combustion engine. Refer to the manual for its replacement, which varies from car to car, usually requiring around 70,000 to 80,000 miles. The cost of replacement is high but it is recommended to replace it after a certain period as stated in the manual as it can seriously damage the engine if not replaced as recommended.

Take care of your car tires

Check your car tire pressure and pump it regularly with the recommended amount of air. This helps the tire last longer and gives better fuel efficiency. It also gives you a safe driving experience on long routes. Tires are dangerous in low air pressure or in bad conditions because they can fly off on busy roads and in bad weather. Go for regular wheel alignment to extend the life of the tire as aligned tires wear out quickly and need to be replaced.

Do not wash your car in the heat

Avoid washing your car on extremely sunny days or in direct sunlight as it leaves stains and soap residue on the car. Always try to wash your car in shade or shelter, or on partially cloudy days.

Maintaining your new or used car is a bit daunting task and you need to take some measures to get rid of the huge bills you are currently facing. After all, your car is a machine and as time goes by the machines have to undergo periodic oiling, filtering and other maintenance aspects. For more details about our car services, contact German Auto Werke.