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What is Child Custody in Family Law?


Divorce can be quite difficult. There is a whirlwind of emotions that makes both the partners feel overwhelmed in this situation. Both the partners may have agreed to live on their terms and find a new purpose to work on. Although the separation ends the relationship between both the partners, their love for the child remains unchanged.

Sometimes both partners agree to take care of the child jointly, but sometimes they don’t. Disagreements between partners often result in an overwhelming feeling of negativity and agony, that may flare up the matter even more. To avoid more complexity, it is advisable to involve a family lawyer. In Sydney, Family Lawyers guide the broken family unit about the legal way to come up with a practical solution that can help them settle down the matter.

What is Child Custody?

Child custody means having legal rights to make important decisions about how to take care of and raise your child. . Custody and visitation rights are probably a major concern of each parent after divorce.

A parent who has custody of the child will have the right to make an important decision regarding:

  • Education
  • Religion
  • Medical care

The parent who does not have custody will have the rights to visit the child for a set period. This is the Family law world is called access.

Types of Child Custody

1. Sole Custody:

If a parent is granted sole custody of the child, then they have all the individual rights to make the important decisions without taking any consent from the other parent. Mostly the child lives permanently with the sole custody parent. The other parent may have access to rights.

2. Joint Custody:

Joint custody means that both parents together take major decisions about their child’s life. This means the child can part live with both the parents or with just one. Since joint custody requires proper cooperation between both the parents, there might be a hesitancy from family court to decide if there is visible friction between the parents. In Sydney, family law specialists can guide you with their expert family pieces of advice for joint custody.

3. Shared Custody:

Shared custody means both the parents sharing equal physical time to spend with the child. This is not relevant in terms of taking important decisions of the child, but mostly to determine the child support. Depending on the amount of time spent with each parent, the court decides the calculation of child support. Sydney based Family law solicitors are experts when it comes to the preparation of matter related legal documents and present appropriate information.

4. Split Custody:

Split custody refers to the custody of one or more children of the marriage that remains with each parent. Consent of both the parents is required when deciding on split custody. With an agreement between both the parents, the family court does not order split custody, as they favor the interest of siblings being together.

Who Can Decide Child Custody

  • Agreement Between Spouse
  • Family Court

How Can Lawyers in Sydney Guide You

Complicated cases may cause a few additional issues between both the parents, which can create conflict in the courtroom. The major reason why people hire Family Lawyers in Sydney is because of their excellent legal knowledge and related skills. With their strong approach towards the matter, hiring them increases the strength of the claim for child custody.

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