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Know Everything About Sneeze Guards


For the sake of your customers and employees’ well-being and safety, you need to go the extra mile now more than ever before. Some of these safety measures, such as face shields and other personal protective equipment (PPE), you may already be familiar with, but sneeze guards may be something you have never heard of. A sneeze guard is a tool that businesses of all kinds are utilising to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Sneeze guards are used by businesses for a variety of reasons, and here we explain why and how your organisation should utilise them as well.

What is Sneeze Guard?

There are various types of plexiglass or acrylic barriers that can be utilised in the workplace to keep germs from spreading. To keep food safe from bacteria and viruses carried by sneezing, restaurants have installed sneezing barriers on their tables and buffets. As a matter of fact, self-service restaurants are now mandated to have one.

Businesses of all kinds are relying on sneeze guards because of the ongoing pandemic. In addition to preventing food contamination, sneeze guards can safeguard staff. They can be placed at your check-in counter, check-in desk, or reservation stand to assist reduce exposure while allowing your organisation to continue operating securely.

Why Are Sneeze Guards Used by Businesses?

To avoid contracting COVID-19, the CDC suggests that people maintain a social distance from one another. However, this may not be feasible in some workplaces. Customer interaction necessitates the use of more than gloves and a mask for protection. Sneeze guards create a barrier of protection that makes it possible for consumers and employees to engage securely.

When working with customers, your staff may be exposed to contagious infections spread by droplets from coughs and sneezes if they don’t wear a sneeze guard. 3,000 droplets can be expelled in a cough that travels at a speed of 50 miles per hour. Sneezes, on the other hand, can produce 100,000 droplets per second and travel at speeds of up to 100 mph. Sneeze guards give an extra layer of defence against those nastier drops for workers.

How Are Sneeze Guards Being Used in the Workplace?

Sneeze Shields can be utilised in a variety of ways depending on the type of business. Sneeze guards are most commonly utilised at the checkout desk. A sneeze guard at the cash register allows consumers to pay for their purchases while also ensuring the safety of the cashier. An opening in a sneeze guard near a register can allow a cashier to collect a payment or scan an item.

Sneeze guards can also be found in places where customers are served. Sneeze guards allow personnel to communicate and assist clients in a safe environment while minimising their exposure to germs.

Sneeze guards can be employed in a variety of ways to meet the unique requirements of your organisation. As much of your employee as feasible should be covered by the sneeze guard in order to minimise their exposure to cough and sneeze particles.

Why Do I Need Sneeze Guards for My Business?

You may still be wondering why your firm should utilise sneeze shields after reading this article. Sneeze guards are a must-have for any office that cares about employee well-being and safety. Sneeze guards are one preventative measure you can take to make your business a safer place for everyone during these trying times.

Furthermore, creating a safe workplace is beneficial to your business. Would you continue to spend money at a store if you felt unsafe or uncomfortable there? There’s a good chance that won’t happen. Only 23% of people said they feel safe eating out or shopping at a mall, according to a study. Sneeze guards and other forms of personal protection equipment (PPE) can help reduce consumer concerns and make them feel more at ease when shopping with you.