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What Are The Different Types Of Bulka Bags Perth You Can Use?


Bulk bags play a vital role in all kinds of business industries. It is also known as FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) bags which helps to transport a dry and huge amount of products like ash, sand, or flour. This is cost-effective and provides safe transportation. As it is eco-friendly, the agriculture and food product industries also prefer these bags for storage and sending goods. It has stretchy characteristics, so it will save more space and store more items inside. This is safe for the workers, as it can easily lift by using the machines. You can get the Bulka Bags Perth based on your needs such as printed and designed. Here is the list of different varieties of bulk bags that helps to know the best one for your requirement.

Tunnel Bag

The tunnel bulk bag is specially designed for use with forklift trucks. Two constant tunnels run on the sides of the bag to make it easy to load on the truck forks. It is strong and durable, which ensures safety. This will enhance the security and make the transportation of the bag a one-man operation. It is made of heavy-duty woven pp fabric. This is a popular choice in the building and construction industries, which will have a strong structure. 

X Corner Bag 

The X corner bulk bag is made to have a large capacity which is apt to transport more goods. This is made of high-quality fabric, so it is more strong and durable. It is the right choice for storing and transporting heavy items like gravel, sand, and more. It is sewn the cross-corner loops to the side of the bag that looks in the ‘X’ shape. This is the reason for its name, and it is available with different dimensions. 

Ventilated Bags 

The ventilated bags provide air ventilation inside the bag that makes it ideal for transporting goods that need sufficient airflow. This is the right choice for filling and discharging the products and is made of the ventilated woven fabric that allows the air to freely flow. It has netting on the side that allows air permeability, and it has a solid structure. So, you can easily store the weight up to 50kg. As it is available in various sizes, you can choose the one based on your requirement. Most people prefer this bulk bag for the storage and transport of agricultural goods like potatoes, onions, and more.

Conductive Bulka Bags Perth 

The conductive bulk bags are made from non-conductive polypropylene fabric interwoven with conducting threads and sewing in a grid pattern. This is very tight that avoids the buildup of electric charge on the components. It is the perfect choice for storing the material, which can get damaged from the electrostatic discharge (ESD). You can store and transport any kind of product to prevent ESD damage. It can be heat seals, so offer medium static protection. You can use this nag if you need to send or store any safety materials.

Q-Baffled Bags 

The Q-Baffled bags are also known as form-stabilized bulk bags. This is ideal for the places where you have limited spaces available. It will keep the material in shape and protect it from bulging out. This is generally used in sea containers and trucks to store or transport goods. The bag’s corners are sewed with baffles which help to maintain the shape and form. The corner panels are filled with holes that allow the smooth flowing of the components to all the corners. It is perfect for multi-purposes in all sectors and uses maximum space or storage.

Final Lines 

Generally, the Bulka Bags Perth are classified into three types as A, B, C, and D. At Auzzie bulk bags, you can get the various kinds of bags that are made of high-quality fabric. Our products are best for safe and heavy-weight transportation without having any stress and frustration. So, whatever products you have, just make use of this thing and get more benefits than you have expected.