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2020 Complete Guide to Writing a Biography


The biography depicts the complete or a detailed phase of a Person’s life. It generally consists of Subject childhood, education, career, relationships, family, and death. Biography is a book or a literary genre that portrays every detail in the subject’s life in a chronological manner. Unlike modern-day resume or profile, it is made to explain the moral of the subject’s life story. You must do proper research and thoroughly understand the person’s life in order to write a biography about the person. Do some research and include the related facts and figures that are important to include in a biography.

Types of Biography
Though it is very hard to distinguish between any biography and however, it can be done:

Popular biography.
Historical biography.
Literary biography.
Reference biography.
Fictional biography.

How can a biography be written?
There are some steps that can help you in writing a biography of your own:

  • Ask the subject for permission to write the biography
    This particular point means you have to take the permission of the subject to write on their biography, convince them to become your subject as they can give an abundance of knowledge of their life. Then again the points that coincide with it is if you didn’t get the permission of the subject.
  • Always look for primary sources present already about the Subject
    Primary sources means letters pictures, newspaper magazines internet articles, journals, videos, interviews, existing biographies, or an autobiography by the subject itself. You can get it anywhere, for example, get on the internet, public libraries. You can also create some questions so that you didn’t lose focus from the topic or the subject; in the end, everybody else who will be reading this literary will depend or get on the words or will see you in writing.
  • Conduct sessions for the subject to gather bits and pieces about the biography
    Interviewing subject will give you an abundance of knowledge of the subject. Keep in mind that you are writing the story of a diff person which needs to be portrayed in a well-settled manner or in a way that could be easily understood by a common reader, the reader should also be getting the emotions with them of the subject otherwise it will be just a storybook.
  • To visit locations that are connected with life events of Subject
    As the author or writer of the book, you need to dive into the emotions of the subject’s history, you have lived the life of your subject. The author has to understand the importance of the place or the location for the subject. This could be an anything childhood home, schools, colleges, workplaces. As a writer, you have live every moment which subject felt at that particular place only then it would make you write an effective one.

You may follow the above steps in order to write an adequate and proper biography for your reader so that they could get useful information about the person they want to know.