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Expert Tips On Expiry Of Temporary Graduate Visa 485


Are you a student nearing the end of your Temporary Graduate Visa 485? You have studied hard to complete your studies in Australia, but now your situation is after 485 expires what to do and time to figure out what next. You can apply for the visa only once as the main applicant but you can apply for a secondary applicant if your partner wants to finish school there. Do not get upset, your journey toward the right decision can be smooth and successful with the right support. In this blog, you will come to know the possible options available after the expiry of your visa from the below lines.

Apply For A Skilled Permanent Visa

As the holder of Temporary Graduate Visa 485, you have similar rights as any Australian resident, so it provides an opportunity to get Australian work experience. The permanent visa is based on points, you will get points for your level of English, education level, age, and so on. Your completion of the course and one-year work experience will add further points and all these together will help you to pass the Paraprofessional test. You will score some points if your partner is also skilled.

Apply For Employer Sponsored Visa

If you are working for some great employer they will surely wish to keep you for longer. Ask them for help with your visa. Based on your profession and work experience you can apply for a 407- training visa, 482- TSS visa, or 186- ENS visa. Some of these temporary visas are permanent which could be the other better options but this might be impossible without knowing your profession.

Apply For A Partner Visa

Are you single and got committed with an Australian citizen or a permanent resident in Australia? Then you will be a lucky guy because your partner can sponsor a visa. Did you know that applying for a partner visa is a lengthy and tedious process? So it is always better to go with migration agents’ assistance for the whole process.

Become Dependent On Your Spouse Visa

It is always better to share your life and visa while you can get a dependent visa when you are two. Australians accept the relationships of same-sex people. So the holders of the same visa need not buy another while your partner can come with you on a dependent visa. You should plan carefully because not all visas allow dependents and some other employers should agree and add a dependent.

Apply For A Student Visa

If none of the previous options help you, a student visa could be a last option if you want to become a Temporary Graduate Visa Australia. Sometimes a few months’ courses can make you eligible for a temporary or permanent visa. If your occupation does not allow you to apply for any visa, changing your career could be the better option.

Extension Of Student Visa

Sometimes the extension of Temporary Graduate Visa 485 is possible if the 485 visas have expired. To do this, students must reach the criteria such as having sufficient funds and study progress while searching for other options. You can also enroll in further study or training courses to extend the period of your visa. For more details contact us now.