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5 Easy Makeup Tricks That Can Make You Look Younger


While there are creams, lotions, injections, and surgeries that can all help women look younger, there are also a few easy and inexpensive makeup tricks that they can also try. As your skin ages, your makeup choices need to reflect these changes. Here are five easy makeup tricks that can make you look younger.

Easy Makeup Tricks

1. One of the first tips is to use less foundation. If age spots or dark under eye circles are a concern, a few spots of a light tinted concealer can be used to cover them. Skin that is moisturized and well hydrated is naturally younger looking, and when it is not concealed by heavily applied foundation the youthful glow can show through. 

2. Using a moisturizer that is tinted is a good way to cover minor blemishes, while hydrating the skin. Unlike other foundations and pressed powered, a tinted moisturizer won’t make fine lines and wrinkles appear more pronounced. It can give the impression of a younger complexion, and works best when it is applied with a makeup sponge. To set the moisturizer in place, a sheer pressed powered can be lightly dusted over it. 

3. Nothing can make a woman look younger than having defined, open eyes. An eyelash curler can help to tame unruly eyelashes, and make them appear longer when mascara is applied. To make eyes appear whiter, beauty experts recommend using very black mascara that is also designed to thicken and enhance each eyelash. Shimmering eye shadow can also give the illusion of youth, while making your eyes seem larger. 

4. Defining your cheek bones can give you a healthy glow that is often associated with younger women. Instead of using bronze colors on your cheeks, look for blushes that are pink or rose tinted. Red toned cheeks should also be avoided, since it can magnify skin imperfections. 

5. When it comes to a woman’s lips, there are several options she can use to make them appear plumper and darker. Older women want to avoid dark lips that are bronze or taupe colored, since it can age her face and make her complexion duller. This is also true for bright reds, which can bleed into fine lines and any brown colored lipsticks. 

Other Tips for Younger Looking Lips 

Along with avoiding dark lips, adding a touch of clear gloss can add a dewy, natural look to your lips that can make you look younger. While it is normal for lip lines to fade, a carefully applied natural toned liner will give the appearance of fuller and plumper lips. Many women try lip plumpers with mixed results. Most studies suggest that the creams and balms that promise to give you fuller lips, simply do not work even if the main ingredients are collagen and peptides. 


While some women may resort to injections and creams, there risk of side effects has many women simply looking to their makeup collection. By using a natural foundation that lets your natural skin show, many women discover that they are already looking younger.