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5 Best Android Games That Don’t Need WiFi


Mobile gaming is currently well known and the majority of people presently use mobile devices to play games. The main issue the majority of the people face is connectivity. Most good Android games need an active internet connection, yet not all. If you need great games that needn’t bother with WiFi, here is a list for you.

Indeed, even today there are huge amounts of spots where you can’t get the Internet. Whether you live in a big city with unlimited network coverage, there are certain spots where connectivity is spotty. In this way, keeping extraordinary Android games that needn’t bother with WiFi on your cell phone all the time are a great investment.

For one, you’ll have the option to appreciate quality time when you need yet, also, won’t need to stress over interfacing with the Internet and data charges. These games are particularly prescribed when you are traveling, especially via air because there isn’t a ton of game in the sky.


If you at any point needed to experience your Judge Dredd dreams of releasing equity upon the violent miscreants of a cutting edge oppressed world, then this is the game for you. JYDGE is a ‘twin-stick’ shooter game, which means you have two joysticks; one moves your character, different points and shoots your weapon.

2. Jetpack Joyride

Commencing the list is a game that is achieved such levels of ubiquity in India that it has even gotten an exceptional Indian variant. Jetpack Joyride is a genuinely simple, yet quick-paced, side scroller in which you need to move your jetpack and abstain from approaching rockets and lasers while gathering coins.

3. Puzzle: Mazes and More

Settling a maze is dubious due to its effortlessness. Mazes and More up the ante on the classic game with some devious turns. If you need a basic old game of maze-solving, there’s a constantly classic mode. Every mode has a lot of levels to keep you engaged until your connect returns once more.

4. Overkill 3

Overkill 3 is likewise a decent activity game to play offline. If you don’t have an internet connection yet need to kill your foes and sit back playing activity games, attempt Overkill 3. You aim to save innocent individuals by obliterating enemies. The offline mode is for playing it offline.

5. Room 3

Room 3 is a fantastic puzzle game with dazzling graphics. It has challenging puzzles where you need to take care of issues. The game is allowed to download and doesn’t contain in-application buys. The game can be played offline where you can pick puzzles and solve.


Here is the huge list of no wifi games. You can play any of these free games without wifi. I have incorporates games of each sort. Be it an adventure, racing, perplex or shooting, you will each sort of games that needn’t bother with WiFi. If you were searching for some amazing games that you can play without WiFi you have a list of the best no wifi games.