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List Out The Various Kinds Of Residential Letterbox For Sale 

What Are The Different Types Of Home Letterbox For Sale?


In this modern era, you all have started to receive mail through the internet. For more people, the letterbox is a thing of the past, which brings a wonderful memory to the mind. Even if you receive electronic mail, you will get some advantages while owning a letterbox for sale in your home. It stores mail safely, protects your privacy, allows you to receive notes from neighbours, it is very professional, and more. Lots of them install a cool one that complements the exterior design of the home. Based on your taste and where you go to place it, you can opt for the right one. Nowadays there are plenty of letterboxes available with unique varieties. Refer below to know about the kinds of letterboxes for your residential.

Mail Slots

The mail slots are a great option for your house that is very convenient and cost-effective. This is also space-efficient and only available for postal areas, and it has more advantages. While compared to the other letterboxes, this is low in price and a comfortable form of mail delivery. Small packages and letters are delivered right via the slot to your home’s inside. Yet it is the simplest type of mailbox, this is available with multiple finishes, more metallic materials, and an optional interior mail collection box.

Post Mounted Letter Box

The post-mount letterbox is ideal for the postal area where curbside delivery is available. It is standalone that you can place in front of your home, which looks wonderful. As it comes with more options, you can put your personality into your residential or office. This is available with various colors to choose from, and comes with a form of materials such as plastic, wood, metal, and manufactured. You would buy it separately or as a package based on preference. It is there with various designs like custom, novelty, brackets, post cuffs, and more.

Wall Mount Letterbox For Sale

Wall mount letterboxes are available with walk-up mail delivery service, and it is more customizable than wall slots. This is available with a wide range of options that make it yet convenient. It will aid you to receive the mail, and packages will be delivered to your front porch. This wall mount mailbox comes with various finishes, and more types of metallic materials. As it has a variety of designs like hand-painted, windowed, embossed, and more it will complicate the home’s exterior design. Another advantage of this is available in a large capacity.

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Package Drop Box

Both home and business owners are mostly preferring the package drop boxes. Numerous of the drop boxes come with anti-theft, and anti-pry features. This is the perfect choice for receiving the vast amounts of mails, and for getting the various parcel deliveries per day. It is also comfortable for the people who travel often, and want to keep their mail or packages safely. It also comes with various finishes; the locking mechanism comes standard and large capacity. Also have the features such as optional front or rear access, optional outgoing mail slots and available in various styles like side mount or vault.

Column Mount Letterbox

The column mount letterbox is known as a free-standing box that is the apt choice while you look for the one that looks more professional. This is mounted in either stone, concrete stucco, or brick. It is ideal for large-capacity collection boxes, and it is an excellent choice of features. This is available with multiple finishes, more types of metallic materials, personalized address plaque, and large capacity. It also has the option of ant-theft, locking inserts, from, and rear access options. As it comes with versatile styles such as antique or Victorian you would select your desired choice.

Final Thoughts

Choose the best letterbox that complicates the exterior design of your home, and has excellent features. At Auzzie turf, we provide you with a high-quality letterbox for sale at a reasonable cost. You can get the mailbox for both commercial, and residential properties that helps to keep your letters safe.