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Essential Things To Be Remember While Prepared For The Tlif Cage Surgery


The Transformational Lumbar Interbody (TLIF) is a current approach to spinal fusion surgery. It is a kind of operation, which is performed on the lower back part to eliminate the intervertebral disc and join two or more spinal bones together by using the cage or screw. It is the best choice for operation as it will take less time to complete. Also, it is best with less blood loss and a lower incidence of nerve root damage and dural scratch. The purpose of the Tlif Cage surgery is it will serve as a space holder among your affected spine and allow the bone to grow through it. And it will become a part of your vertebrae and it is a good way to fuse your back. Refer below to know the general things about TLIF cage surgery.

TLIF Surgery 

The TLIF surgery is spinal fusion in the lumbar region of the vertebrae. It is a process that fuses the spine and stabilizes the backbone. The surgeon makes a little cut in the back and partially removes the injured disc. Then an implant is placed inside to create a space. After this procedure, the doctor places the cage or screw and rods for extra support. In the final process, a graft is applied to steady the spine even more. 

Things To Do Before The TLIF 

When the doctor suggests you prepare for the TLIF cage surgery, you have to follow certain food habits. If you smoke, then it is better to quit it in advance before some days of the operation. Smoking can also cause some postoperative complications. Also, you have to discuss the medications and supplements with the doctor. You may have to intake some medicine. The surgeon would prescribe you a list of minerals, vitamins, and others that help you to prepare your body for the surgery. Apart from medicines, you must eat healthy foods that contain more fiber and iron. 

Advantages Of The TLIF Cage 

Usually, people suffer from lower back pain which generally starts from the lower back and emits down to their feet. Also, the people who have degenerative disc disease, disc herniation’s, and spondylolisthesis are suggested for the TLIF surgery. It has a high success rate of over 80% and they are satisfied with the great results. This technique will reduce the pain effectively while using the cage. 

Things To Expect Before TLIF 

When you choose to undergo the TLIF, several things will have to proceed with the procedure. You can expect a physical which can be performed by the doctor. Then the hospital staff will schedule your best time for the surgery. Then they will require a few lab tests, so you have to be ready with the papers as soon as possible. After completing all these things, you can get the TLIF treatment. Never fear about the surgery as the particular hospital will take care of you. They will help you by guiding you through the whole process. 

After the TLIF surgery 

After the TLIF cage surgery, the respective hospital will move you to the normal center and place you under observation. They will be monitoring your blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration. Then your surgeon will perform a post-operative test which is usually done after 4-6 weeks of Monoaxial Screw the operation. It is a process to check up on how you’re healing and your health. If you have any pain, then the postoperative medication would be prescribed for a short time. The discharging instruction and restriction will be based on your case. 

Things To Avoid After The Surgery 

It is essential to be aware of the restrictions after the TLIF surgery. It will result in you in better recovery and reduce the pain. Avoid using aspirin, ibuprofen, and Advil as they can cause bleeding. Never sit for a long time, don’t lift any kind of heavy objects, and don’t try to turn and twist quickly. Avoid driving after 2 to 4 weeks of operation until your surgeon allows you to do so. Also skip the activities like cycling, jogging, exercise, and other activities until your doctor permits. 

Recovery Process 

Once you get the TLIF surgery, it will take some weeks to recover. On average, it takes 6 to 12 weeks to get better. To speed up the process, you can take the physical therapy based on the surgeon’s recommendation. Ensure to take rest well, eat healthy foods and drink more fluids. Take the vegetables and fruits that contain proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It will bring more strength to your body which results in fast healing. 

Final Reports 

Consider the above things that will help you to get the best result in the Tlif Cage surgery. At MJ surgical implanting trust, we provide you with high-quality orthopedic implants and instruments. We are one of the certified suppliers, so you can get the great cages that provide a good effect.