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Types of Shower Screen and Tips to Remember When Choosing One


Never heard of a shower screen before? Bath shower screens are glass panels that prevent water from seeping from your bath and shower combination. Bath shower screens are normally attached to the wall using a folding mechanism and are made of various glass thicknesses. They are a simple and practical alternative to shower curtains.

What are the Different Types of Shower Screen?

#1. Single Panel Screens: These are made out of a single pane of glass that a hinge may move around. These are the most popular option since they have a simple and uncomplicated design with few nooks and crevices for muck to collect. For the ultimate minimalist aesthetic, many single panels are also frameless.

#2. Double Panel Bifold Screens:This type of shower screen have a hinge in the middle and can be opened in a range of methods, allowing easy accessibility into your bath. They may be used in the same way as shower doors, which is ideal if you are strapped for time or want an extra layer of splash prevention. Such types of shower screens arealso ideal for tiny bathrooms where a permanent pane of glass might obstruct your view. Double screens are often a little longer, which is beneficial if you have a longer tub.

Maintaining Shower Screens- All You Need To Know

When using a shower screen, you usually don’trequire to wash it regularly. Giving your bath shower screen a quick wash clean after each user is the easiest method to achieve this. Bath shower screens with an easy-clean finish are more costly and make the work much simpler. While cleaning after each use may seem overkill, it can help keep your bathroom appearing spotless and your shower screen appearing brand new for extended.

Important Facts To Consider When Buying Shower Screens

#1. Consider The Budget Factor: When it comes to buying a shower screen, at first, you should consider your budget factor, most importantly. However, you must never sacrifice quality when it comes to buying one for your own purpose. It is pointless to buy something inexpensive and then spend hundreds of dollars correcting faults afterward.

#2. Consider The Size of Your Bathroom: Once you have considered the budget factor, next you need to consider the amount of space you have and the size of your bathroom. You’ll need to measure the size of your shower area as well as the surrounding area for this. The proportions of huge bathrooms are unaffected by tinted or frosted glass. In such cases, ifyou have a little shower space, a frameless shower screen with transparent glass is the way to go. There are no superfluous attachments on these shower screens, and they may easily fit into small places. In addition, the translucent glass will let light in, letting your bathroom look larger. If space is not an issue, you may choose from frameless or semi-frameless shower screens with tinted or frosted glass.

#3. Consider the Measurement Factor: You should consider buying a shower screen based on the size of your bathtub. The shower screens are normally measured in millimeters and come in a wide variety of widths and heights, mostly ranging between 1400 and 1500mm. The screens typically range in thickness from 3mm to 8mm. Based on the measurement factor, you should consider buying the shower screens accordingly.

Final Words

Last but not the least, when planning to buying a new shower screens, consider buying one that issimple to clean. This implies that the glass should be easily accessible and cleanable at all times.