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5 Different Categories of Paints That Find Their Usage in the Construction Industry


The uses of paints are many and if you have ever been to a paint shop then you must have seen the different types of paints that are used for various purposes of construction. Painting is an essential component of renovation, material protection and also improving the style, décor, and looks of a house.

Painting for protection purpose is done for rust prevention and waterproofing. It is used for increasing the durability of any substance. While there are so many types of paint in a paint shop there are a few things that you have to keep in mind while choosing a type of paint.

Things like applying ease, the purpose of the application, the type of material on which a coat of paint needs to be applied, durability, and thickness of the paint coating will come into consideration. In this article, we are going to have a look at the 5 different types of paint that are used in the construction industry:

#1. Oil Paint: Oil paint can be used for various purposes such as for applying the base coat, the primer, or a finish coat. This is generally applied to the walls, doors, windows, and metal structures. This gives the substance a nice glossy and fine finish. These are easy to apply and easy to clean. The paint is only applicable to those areas that are present in dry weather and is not intended for wet or highly humid conditions. Before applying oil paint you will have to also put in linseed oil and pigments in the necessary proportions.

#2. Enamel Paint: Enamel paint is another type of paint easily available at a paint shop that is created by adding lead or zinc and this is generally done for varnish. There are also pigments of multiple colors that can be used within the paint for ensuring different colors and form hard and glossy coatings. The best benefit that you derive is they are waterproof and are also chemically uncreative which aids in retaining the base color pretty well. These are applied on different surfaces like walls, doors, floors, windows, stairs, etc. it takes a bit of time to dry and this may come out as its only limitation.

#3. Emulsion Paint: You must have bought emulsion paint for your homes when you have been to a paint shop. These contain binding substances like polyvinyl acetate and polystyrene and drier substances like cobalt and manganese. These come in both water or oil-based. You can find them in different types of colors. Emulsion paints can dry out and harden on the exterior surfaces pretty quickly and you can also use water to clean them up. Emulsion paints are highly durable and have good color retention and are resistant to alkalis.

#4. Cement Paint: Cement paint as the name suggests contains powdered cement which is an available color on any paint shop and you will find these paints to be quite different than the others. Cement paints come in powdery form and once you choose a powder it just needs to be mixed with water in the right volume to achieve the desired consistency. Apart from the pigments cement paint also contains accelerators and additives. It is common to use them on rough surfaces while after the application they will smoothen the exterior or top layer.

#5. Bituminous Paint: This type of paint has just one color available in a paint shop and that is the dark black color. This is made by dissolving asphalt in tar. This type of paint generally has good alkali-resistant properties but it may dry out under the sun.


Based on your requirements you can choose the paint or take the help of a painter to assist you in choosing the right paint from the best paint shop that stock up all types of paints in multiple color options.